I'm sure by now you've all heard the rumor spreading around the blogsphere like a freakin' wildfire, but I'm here to stoke the flames a bit more. For those of you scratching your head, allow me...

 Come July Google Reader is leaving us all high and dry and dying out like the dinosaurs way back when. 

 So, like everyone else I know, I'm jumping on the BlogLovin' bandwagon and offering you, my love bugs, another way to continue following along in my crazy Where There is Love, There is Life journey. 

You can continue to follow using GFC, or you too can hop on the BlogLovin' bandwagon and click here (or on that cute little BlogLovin' button to the left) to follow along that way.

Whatever floats your boat.

With all of that boring crapola out of the way, I bid you a goodnight. This birds attempting to savor the last 2 hours of Sunday before the dreaded Monday devours any and all of her leftover weekend optimism, effervescence and well restedness.  

Sweet dreams.


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