So What Wednesday

So What Wednesday
Happy Wednesday, love bugs!

It's that time of the week! Here I am again linking up with Shannon and saying a big fat so what if...
  • This post is full of random crap and too many pictures.
  • I've started unfollowing the blogs of ladies who have grown too big for their britches. Since when has blogging become a butt kissing popularity contest? 
  • I ate 5 Cadbury Mini Eggs at 7 o'clock this morning. I couldn't help myself. They're the best of all Easter candies. 
  • I'm on a diet yet I still made Mom's famous homemade donuts this past weekend. They were scrumptious and worth every single finger lickin' Weight Watchers point!
  • I accidentally headbutted the kitchen table this morning as I attempted to pick up a runaway clementine. It hurt and I swore. I am now sporting a goose egg. 
  • I love glitter. 
  • I cut my food into small pieces so I feel like I get more. Ha!
  • I ate an extra multi vitamin gummy this morning because I'm lame and think they taste like gummy bears. The orange ones are diamonds in the rough and even put Flinestone vitamins to shame. (This is your fault, Theresa! Look what you've done!)
  • I cried buckets as I read Kelle Hampton's birth story for little Dash. Then I sent it to my 39 week pregnant best bud (who miraculously gave birth to her precious baby boy the very next day) and it made her bawl too. Some friend I am! 
  • That stupid McDonald's commercial where the obnoxious man sings "Fish-ay, Fish-ay!" sends me bat shit crazy. Whoever came up with that concept/jingle should be punched square in the nose.
  • I think Hugh Laurie is an English hottie. 
  • I can't go into a store and see row after row of Peeps without thinking about how hilarious it would be to shove them all in a huge microwave.
  • The new season of Duck Dynasty starts tonight and I'm so excited I could piss my pants. Those  camouflage boneheads are HILARIOUS! That's quality TV friends. Pure quality. 
  • I'm sick of Winter and already willing Spring. Give me sunshine and tulips! 
  • Today was the first time I've ever been to Panera and I can guarantee it won't be the last.
  • I'm in my mid 20s yet I still had to have my picture taken today with a giant teddy bear at the Vermont Teddy Bear Factory. Hilarious part? The kiddo I took on the field trip didn't even want a pic. I live vicariously.


    1. Glad to know I'm not the only one that's over these "big bloggers". Psh. We all started in the same place, get over yourself!

      1. Oh girl, you're definitely not the only one. You're damn right when you say we all started in the same place. I am so over the ass kissing and big headedness. Ha!

    2. Totally agree with the blogroll re-vamp. I did it myself recently too. 5 mini Cadbury Eggs is a perfectly acceptable breakfast.


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