So What Wednesday

So What Wednesday
Happy Wednesday, love bugs!

It's that time of the week! Here I am again linking up with Shannon and saying a big fat so what if...
  • I ate Chef Boyardee pizza and sauteed mushrooms for supper. Yes, half of it was technically from a 'box' but it hit the spot so I could care less.
  • Valentines Day is tomorrow and I still haven't bought hubby's card. So much for being super prepared. (eh, at least I made the actual gift last week). 
  • I can't watch American Idol without covering my eyes and squealing. Some parents lie to their kids when they should really do them a favor and tell them they sound like a cat swinging from a ceiling fan. 
  • Regardless of the fact that she's from Vermont, I was routing against Gretel-Ann on The Next Great Baker. She was such a twonk. Who turns other peoples ovens up so it burns their food? Awful sport. I kind of want to go to her bakery to throw a whipped cream pie in her face.  
  • It's now mid February and I still haven't mailed (or 100% finished) my mother-in-laws Christmas scarf I've knitted her. Epic daughter-in-law fail!
  • If while I'm eating chicken I spot one of those veins I can't eat anymore of it. It makes me gag.
  • I did Jillian Michael's Yoga Shred with my sister on Monday and my arms are still throbbing.
  • I can't look straight out windows at night. I'm always too paranoid eyeballs will be lookin' back at me.
  • Over the past month I've completely bypassed regularly checking Twitter and I don't even miss it. 
  • I hate mustard.
  • I went to girls night last night with my besties from High School. We spent the night talking about annoying body hair, fake nails, good wine and how dumb men are. It was fantastic. 
  • Carl and I watch The Office on my Nook every night in bed. I heart Steve Carell. 
  • Even though it annoys the shit out of me, I'm beyond excited for the Survivor premier tonight. 
  • I'm obsessed with my Chalk Ink that arrived today. It's pretty much the best thing since sliced bread. Who cares if that makes me a dweeb.
  • My Mom read this post, started laughing, poked me and pointed out an epic typo. Previous to correcting the above statement it read that I was obsessed with "Calk Ink." Oh, Lord.
What are you saying So What to this week? 

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