Ooh, La La! It's the Big One Oh Oh!

This evening as I logged onto my Blogger account I had planned to do my usual routine. Munch on something that would inevitably make me feel guilty for fear of developing a jello jiggler-ish ass. Peruse stalk my favorite blogs. Compose a long-overdue-long-winded blab about random crapola that's been happening in the world of Amanda (kinda like how my girl crush on Beyonce is so out of control that last night I was dreaming we were BFFs. For cereal people. This is no lie, it really happened. So laaame). And above all, overwhelm you with an endless mirage of pictures - because we all know pictures are the bomb. (okay, so I'm not sure if anyone actually says the bomb anymore? In fact, upon reflection I'm pretty sure the last time I actually heard it was when I watched She's All That back in 9th grade. Nevertheless, it seemed appropriate at the time so I'm goin' back to the 90s and busting it out for this post. Hang in there).

Tonight, all that changed.
Because of you.
Yes, YOU!
My readers.

I'm not really one of those people who obsesses too much over followers. I don't spend hours a day promoting my blog. I don't pin everything from kingdom come. I don't pay other people to love me and share my awesomeness with their lovely readers. I just come here, as I always have, to write, to ramble, to share, to vent, to reflect, to have FUN, to laugh (mostly at myself), to document, to remember and above all to preserve things I never want to forget.  

I started this blog back in October 2011 as a way to share my England fun with friends and family back home. I started it as a way to remember my adventures, to make my Mom happy and do what I love to do most: talk and write and flap my social butterfly wings. I never ever in a million years thought I'd make best friends through blogging, or change aspects of my life because of my blog, or find a new inspiration and appreciation for my life, family and home through the reflection that coexists with writing. It just happened. Like snow on Christmas day it just all fell into place. My blog has become a part of my every day life. It's something I cherish and appreciate more than I ever thought I could. It's special to me, something I call my own, something that no one can ever take away or tarnish. It's unique, filled to the brim with my ideas, my photos, my thoughts and words and memories. I never ever in a all the world could have imagined back on that rainy October day as I composed my first post that so many people (some I've never met before and others I grew up right along side) would read my rambles. I never imagined you'd enjoy my stories and laugh at my corny jokes. 

But you did. You still do.
You're here, right now, reading my words, following along with my life, sharing in my crazy adventure. 
I love that.

Tonight as I logged on I was shocked to see a pretty little 100 next to my 'Followers' tab. And as the realization that 100 other people follow my journey, and this little ol' blog of mine has been viewed nearly 60,000 times finally sunk in, a smile spread across my face so big that my cheeks hurt and I couldn't contain my excitement and appreciation. I may have woohood and blurted out a "holy shit baby, my blog has 100 followers!" to my husband, but most importantly I began to write, ramble, share, reflect, have FUN, laugh, document, remember and preserve this special  moment I don't want to forget. 

I can't believe it. I've reached the Big One Oh Oh!

All I can say is thank-you, love bugs, for sticking around.
All my love, love, love,


  1. Aww...congrats girl! what a fun milestone!

  2. Yay!! I'm glad others are catching onto your awesomeness!!


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