I've been enjoying Sunday brunch dates with sweet family.

 Family brunches that were far more successful and glorious than the blurry-blink-filled picture cares to show.
I've been channeling my healthy eating mojo, savoring the sweet tart taste of fruit in the morning.
And reaped the scrumptious rewards of effin amazing Pinterest recipes. Masterful concoctions such as  Pesto Flatbread Pizza (which just so happened to be a Weight Watchers recipe) that Sonya and I made for dinner earlier this evening. We used a TBL of our own homemade pesto and sprinkled the top with sauteed garlic mushrooms, red onion, green peppers and parmesan cheese. Basil-y fireworks exploded in my mouth.  It was simple, healthy and delicious.
It was a flavor party, people!

I've hooted and hollered when our Middlebury College Panthers kicked some serious basketball butt.

And I've been basking in the gloriousness that is Groopdealz spectacular site of bargains. That purple string of perfection will be on my doorstep and subsequently my neck within the very near future. 

I've been training for my first 10k; Vermont's Spring Fling happening March 23rd. Sister will be joining me, although this time around she'll be kicking ass in her second 5k. So proud. Long lost running buddies unite! We're gonna breathe in the fresh Spring Vermont air and run until our legs fall off. I can't wait.

And all of that extra running has earned the occasional Girl Scout cookie...or 2.
and I'd be a damn liar if I said it didn't take every single ounce of will power I poses not to pound down entire boxes.

I've been busy, my friends, busy. Soaking up life, spending time with those around me, enjoying being home. Supporting my husband in his new found dreams, staying focused and determined in achieving my own. Looking forward to the future and counting down the days til snowflakes melt and vibrant tulips peep out from the icy ground below. 

That's what I've been doing lately.

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