Just Keep Swimmin'

Does anyone else feel like this week is passing at a snails pace? Sluggishly slithering along leaving a wet slimy trail of goo behind it. Draining. Jackin' up that positive attitude with each condescending click of a clock. Producing headaches. And Yawns. And forehead wrinkles.

Or is it just me?

Thankfully, I've been thrown a round floating orange life line in the form of white puffy stuff.

Tomorrow is a snow day!
Starting tonight the entire North East is getting pummeled with a monster blizzard. A blizzard which the National Weather Service has gone ahead and named Nemo. Which, by the way, is as dumb as a box of rocks. I mean, really? What a dumbass name for a WINTER storm. Sure, I could understand that name choice if it were a 'tropical' storm or hurricane. That'd fit the bill. But we all know that Nemo is an adorable little orange TROPICAL fish. Not a goddamn penguin!

I can see it now. 10 years down the road in a little Vermont town good ol' Nemo will spark conversations such as this:

"Hey Jim Bob, do ya 'member that honkin' ass blizzard we got few years back?"

"Which one ya talkin' bout, Frank? There's been so goddamn many I can't keep count."

"Oh shit, of course you'd haveta ask that. Uuuh. Gimme a minute, I'll remember it's name...it's slipped my goddamn mind. Shit. What was it? Happened the beginnin' of February. Pounded the whole North East. Had the stupidest name you could think of?"

"Oh Jesus, yeah! I member, Frank! Was a nasty one. Martha from down the street went in the ditch and I had to dig her out with my ol' John Deere! You're talkin' bout that nasty, Nemo aren't ya?"

Epic blizzard naming fail.

Nevertheless, Nemo and I have bonded in a way that many other snow-day-producing-snow-storms have. If I could shake his hand and kiss him on the cheek I would. But I cant, so instead I'll admire his handsomeness through the giant sliding glass windows from the comfort of the fluffy recliner tomorrow morning. In my polka-dot pj's. With Rachael Ray on the TV, a piping hot cup of tea in my left hand and a toasted English muffin dripping with honey in my right. I'll soak in calm, relax and recharge my batteries for work on Monday.

Like Nemo (the real Nemo. Tropical Nemo) I'm gonna just keep swimmin'


  1. Keep swimming sweet pea! IT will get easier I promise! Let me know if you need anything!

  2. I'm not going to lie, a lot of me would love to get the amount of snow you're going to get!

  3. I've had a slow week too! I hope the weekend will creep by!


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