All You Need is Love

Valentines Day has and probably always will be a favorite holiday of mine. Like I said last year, I'm not one of those bah-humbug scrooges who wrinkles their nose and proclaims how Feb 14th is nothing more than a useless Hallmark Holiday. I love it. I think it's a sweet reminder to count your blessings, hug your loved one extra tight and roll around in heart shaped dark chocolate, sparkly glitter and fragrant flowers. What the hell could be better?

This Valentines day was no exception and, like every year, I relished the opportunity to hop on the cutesy heart bandwagon. 
I painted heart nails.
I baked heart shaped sugar cookies with kiddos.
Then we thumb-print-heart-finger painted and made Hearty Smartie people.
And after work I hurried home to Windex and Valentines-ify my homemade gift to the hubs.
A couple of weeks ago Groopdealz had a sale on this printable "I Love You Because....." print, which I put into a cute picture frame and accompanied with a chalk ink marker. For the meantime this will live on our dresser, where every day we can wipe off yesterdays love note and switch it out for a new one. Although, once we're in our own place again its new home will be in the kitchen.
This year I asked hubby for just one rose. But when I walked in the door he surprised me with 3, a sweet card, a beautiful vase, and a cute I love you teddy. What a keeper. 
 Then we enjoyed a romantic meal of chicken quesadillas and ice cream. Tonight we'll fight over blankets while watching The Office in bed and nod off by 10:30pm. 
To others that may sound lame. But I wouldn't want it any other way.

We've done the fancy dinners at fancy restaurants in fancy clothes. But this year our Valentines day will be low-key, inexpensive, at home and relaxed. 

All You Need is Love


  1. we are definitely low-key Valentine's day people...we did the fancy schmancy thing back when we were dating, but much prefer a low-key celebration now!


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