New York, New York!

Friends. I'm dying of excitement. I can hardly believe that the time is here. It's actually here! After months and months and months of finger drumming, it's finally time. The 'Girls Weekend' to NYC  with my Mom and sister is FINALLY upon us!


I am happy to report that the packing is complete and I've just enough time to paint my nails, enjoy a cup of tea and straighten my hair before heading to bed. 4am is going to come quickly and I'm trying my best to avoid big puffy purple sleepless-night-bags under my eyes. I'm trying to refrain from breaking my camera lens while posing for all of those pictures I plan to take (which you should all know by now will be potentially be in the thousands. Brace yourselves). 

I can't wait to take a big bite of the Big Apple. My most favorite place on this Earth.

Start spreadin' the news...
I'm leaving today in the morning...
I want to be a part of it.
New York, New York!

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