The Post-Holiday-Funk

This happens every single year. Christmas comes, and with it cheer, magic, joy, excitement, laughter, family, endless parties and get together's, food - lots of food - lights, glitter, the smell of cinnamon and balsam, gifts and song. But then, just as fast as it arrived, it goes. And I feel it. The post holiday funk. Like an empty numbing pit in my stomach it slowly scratches away, replacing my holiday cheer with boredom and pings of sadness. The streets transform from brightly colored gingerbread houses to dark holes in the night air. The fragrant, jeweled tree in the corner of the living room slowly sheds it's pine needles until it's hoisted out the front door and left to rot in the woods of our back yard graveyard of Christmases past. The stockings and garland are neatly folded and tucked away inside totes hidden in the basement until the following year; the wilting poinsettias doomed to the compost pile. And in the matter of a day the comforting cozy festiveness of Christmas fades into a naked, open, airy house.

Every year I desperately try to prepare myself and still I feel down in the dumps. Like a lost puppy I sit on the couch, gazing around the room reminiscing about the warm fuzzy feeling I savored just days ago. That same warm fuzzy feeling that faded the minute those rainbow bulbs dimmed and cooled.

And then the fatigue of the endless get together's makes my eyelids heavy, and my stomach hurts from too much chocolate and alcohol. I long for naps, and salads, and a normal routine again. My bank account needs TLC just as much as the house sets off my OCD, and I can't help but breathe a sigh of relief that for another year I was able to enjoy a wonderful holiday season. One filled with so much happiness and joy and love that it saddened me to say goodbye.

And so tomorrow I will grab my pen and paper, make a list of this years achievements and another of next years resolutions, and prepare to welcome all of the excitement that 2013 has in store. But today, right now, I'm going to do what feels right. I'm going to be miserable, sulk, complain and be sad that Christmas has come and gone. Because, my friends, this happens every single year. This stupid post holiday funk is here.

Now please, somebody give me a kick in the ass.


  1. Just another thing I can relate to...after Christmas blues. Especially when we head back to cold & rainy England...blegh :/. I need to jot down some goals as well :)

  2. I completely feel you! Last year I tried advocating for a year round tree in the house that could be decorated for every holiday. I enjoy the twinkle of white lights year round so this wouldn't be a problem. The boyfriend, however, was not excited about it as I was.

    Thanks for posting about something we are all feeling! :-)

    -Katie (www.thoughtfulology.blogspot.com)

  3. I feel the same way every year. And although I wish you weren't in the dumps, it is helpful to hear that I'm not the only person who feels a post-holiday lull. Here's to hoping we feel better with the new year!


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