Snow Day!

As far as I'm concerned, when it comes to snow storms...

 the bigger, the better!

I love snow. (well, until the end of January anyway, and then I want summer. Ha!) So when I said last night that I planned to party today like its a snow day in 1999, I meant it. And I have. Today has been filled with hour after hour of continuous fluffy snowfall, a couple pathetic attempts at snow angels, an outing in the woods with Sonya, an overflowing mug of hot cocoa, too many snow pictures to count, and a lot of shoveling. It's now 3pm. My soggy socks are drying, my nose no longer resembles a magical reindeer, and the last measurement of snow outside our house was 14 inches (and counting). Today has been lazy, slow-paced, effortless, easy, enjoyable, cold, wet, fluffy and everything I had envisioned. 
Pure perfection.
Today was a full blown snow day, and it rocked just as much now as it did back in 1999. 


  1. All of your pictures are awesome! My boys would love to come play. Nathan asks me all the time why we don't have snow. They have never seen snow.

  2. I think I would like snow a lot more if I didn't have to drive to work in it. But the idea of taking a weekend to play in the snow sounds lovely. :) And your pictures are adorable!

  3. This is beautiful!!! Although I don't envy the shoveling and cleaning up :)

  4. I'm so jealous!!! We have a winter storm forecast for tomorrow, but it's not of the snow variety...it'll be probably be sleet & freezing rain..bleh! I want the big fluffy white stuff!


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