Playing Catch-Up

I had every intention of pumping out a totally awesome Christmas post today. In my head I envisioned my arrival home from work looking something along the lines of my ass wiggling into the nook of a comfy recliner - with a piping hot cup of tea in hand - as I smugly smiled to myself while fingers freely danced across the keyboard, effortlessly oozing poetic perfection. There would be the occasional smiley holiday photo sprinkled throughout my post, and just in time for the Ellen DeGeneres show at 4, I'd close my laptop with a sense of accomplishment and relaxation.

Baha! If only.

Instead, I arrived home and spent 5 minutes in the cold poking at my windshield wipers (which now need replacing after this mornings traumatic snow/ice/holy-shit-batman-it's-only-9 degrees-out-and-my-wipers-are-effin-ICED-to-the-windshield-and-now-have-flapping-pieces-of-rubber-at-the-end hoopla). In addition to that gloveless, holy crap I wonder if I have frost-bite fiasco, I walked in the front door and discovered our internet router pretty much crapped the bed, Mom needed help cooking an 80 course-clean-all-this-leftover-shit-out-of-our-refrigerator meal, and my all day long headache was throbbing as if the first course of supper had been announced by thumping me over the head with a colossal Chinese gong.

Aaaah. But thus is life.

And so, here I am, sitting on my bed at 10:45 at night (hubby has temporarily fixed the internet and Ibuprofen has temporarily tamed the throbbing) taking this "Christmas post" time to sporadically moan about today's mishaps and get excited brag about a ginormous snow-storm that is barreling towards Vermont and the entire North East. Work has already been cancelled for tomorrow (boom-chicka-wow-wow) and the snow-loving-butterflies in my stomach flutter as I prepare to take advantage of the 16 inches of snow we're supposed to get (yes, you read that correctly. Nearly a foot and a half of snow. I love). Tomorrow I plan to sleep in, build snowmen, go sledding, have snowball fights and sip mug after mug of piping hot chocolate. For now, I'm abandoning all of my adult-like duties. For now, I'm going to party like it's a snow-day in 1999.
Previously scheduled Christmas posts will resume after the snow has been cleared. 

Stay tuned, friends. Stay tuned.


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