Goodbye 2012!

As a sit here, half dressed in my fancy NYE attire, waiting for my shiny gold nail polish to dry, I can't help but feel nostalgic and reflective. In just 6 hours I'll be standing on a dance floor alongside all of my family and friends, buzzed and complaining my heels are freakin' killing me, wearing goofy 2013 glasses and waving goodbye to another fantastic year. To 2012 and all of it's overwhelming stress, eye popping happiness, bucket loads of bullshit, elegant Englishness, and big fat life changes. I remember last new years as if it were yesterday. Sitting stumbling around in Formby, England alongside Carl, my beautiful Mother-in-law and goofball Father-in-law, wishing so badly that I were home in Vermont and able to ring in a new year alongside my own family. It's so crazy to me that this time around it'll all be reversed and instead of longing for Vermont I'll be missing England and all of those loved ones we left behind. Perhaps one of this years resolutions will be to find happiness wherever I am and stop focusing so much on things I can't change - like the fact that the Atlantic Ocean is a ginormous pain in my ass.

But regardless of the distance, or the fact that I've never met many of you before in person, or perhaps just haven't seen in donkey's years, I'm sending you - all of you - my love, best wishes and oodles of overflowing optimism for 2013. Tomorrow many of us will sit down to create lists, ponder our newest resolution's and attempt to make sense of life's unpredictable journey. But tonight is different. Tonight is for laughing out loud, drinking too much, busting out the chicken-wing on the dance floor, singing - and singing badly, kissing at midnight and celebrating all of the wonderful surprises that 2012 had in store. Tonight, my friends, we'll say tootaloo to 2012 and say a big fat hopeful hello to 2013!

Happy New Year!


  1. Happy New Year! Happy to have you stateside!

  2. Errrm if I recall Mrs Anderson didn't u spend last new year with me and the hubby attempting to light Chinese lanterns over the mersey with near disastrous consequences haha!! Xxxx


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