Christmas Eve

I can hardly believe this day is here. Christmas Eve. My all time favorite day of the year. The anticipation, the excitement, the family, the friends, the food, the well-wishes, hugs, kisses and butterflies of tomorrows merriment is enough to intoxicate and insomniate (yeah, I totally made that word up for rhyming purposes). As I sit here, cozy in bed with visions of sugar plums dancing in my head, I wiggle a little deeper into the covers, savor the soft warm fuzziness of my polka-dot flannel PJ's and prepare to fall asleep to the distant flicker of Christmas With The Kranks mixed with the soft glow of rainbow Christmas lights on our front porch.

Between the craziness of travelling from one family get-together to another, I've continued to track Santa. I know that in just 2 minutes he arrives in Newfoundland, and within the hour he'll be here, in my little Vermont town, stomping on the roof and shimmying down the chimney. If I know what's good for me, I'll do as my very own children will someday. I'll pinch my eyelids shut, pretend to breathe deeply, and impatiently wait for the dim light of Christmas morning. 
Goodnight, sweet friends and family. Close your eyes, Santa is nearly here.

All my love on this magical night,


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