So What Wednesday...Halloween Edition!

So What Wednesday
Happy Halloween
On this spooktacular Wednesday I'm linking up with Shannon to  say a big fat SO WHAT! if...
  • Today is Halloween and I STILL haven't carved my pumpkins. They're sitting neglected by the window sill, perfectly plump, round and albeit beautiful - completely naked of any fancy designed or toothy grins. How very lame.
  • This year, unlike every other year, I've abandoned the Halloween hoopla (which totally makes me sad). I didn't decorate my house (mostly because we've been staying with my in-laws until we land in VT next week), I didn't make my famous 'dirt cake', I didn't watch Hocus Pocus, I haven't purchased or created a Halloween costume and - most shockingly - I haven't even attended let alone hosted a Halloween party this year (friends who know me well know I love to put on a good Halloween Party). I feel like such a big fat Scrooge! 
  • I LOVE (and I mean LOVE) candy corn! More specifically, I LOVE the candy corn pumpkins. And yes, before you candy corn activists get on your soap boxes and preach to me about food coloring's and corn syrup and rotting teeth...I know. I know they're nothing but little balls of chemicals and sugars. But do you think that prevents me from enjoying a big fat handful (or 5) once a year? Hell no it doesn't. Candy corn, I salute you. 
  • As a child I hated when the cute little old ladies opened the door during trick-or-treat time because that always meant you were in for either a popcorn ball or perfectly round apple. Don't they know that kids want the teeth rotting stuff?
  • As soon as my sister and I got home from our trick-or-treating adventures, Dad would scoop up our pumpkins full of candy and dump them on the living room floor. "You can't eat anything until I go through it all and make sure there aren't any needles or wrappers that are already open." he'd say as he rummaged through the massive sugar pile. It never dawned on me until I got older that he was a big fat liar. Dad wasn't checking for needles or open wrappers, he was eating and stashing away all of our Snickers bars and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. What a wise man. I totally intend to do this to my children too. Ha!
  • ...these next four So What's aren't at all related to Halloween, but I need to get them out so let's all pretend they are. Mmk? Mmk.
  • I had every intention of beginning my 5k-10k training this week, but (due to packing and goodbye dates with friends) I haven't run once since Sunday. Gah! I feel fat and lazy. Hopefully I can start my 10k training next week when I'm back in VT. Until then, I'm looking forward to a nice calories-be-gone-long run tomorrow. 
  • After wanting to for years, I finally watched The Bucket List with Carl on Monday evening. It was good. So good that when I ventured to the bathroom mirror after the film I was astonished to see I looked like a prostitute caught in a rain storm. Mascara EVERYWHERE, people. Proof of a good flick. I highly recommend. 
  • My eyes were glued to the screen on Monday evening in an attempt to gauge how badly I should freak out for my friends and family in New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and Vermont. It was at the very moment of this photo that I lost all respect for CNN and felt I need to document how stupid they are.  I mean come on people. "VE?" What the hell is VE? Did you mean VT, you stupid shits? Because VT is the correct abbreviation for Vermont. MY STATE! Yes, we're small in comparison to Texas, or California, but don't brush us aside with your crappy spelling errors! Get your shit together and learn your state abbreviations you load of numpties! How can you claim to be a credible news channel when you clearly need to revise your Elementary level geography again! 
  • I ranted about the VE thing for a good half an hour to my husband...who just laughed irritatingly and uncontrollably. I then posted it on Facebook where one of my friends suggested I send it to the Ellen DeGeneres Show. Haha! I just may if it's worth a shot to see dance with the one and only Ellen!
  • I have the urge to crank the radio and bust a move to Michael Jackson's Thriller. Only I don't because I can't risk twisting my ankle or breaking my hip.
What are you saying SO WHAT to this fine Halloween day?
Lots of love, love, love,


  1. Coming from the link-up...

    We didn't even buy pumpkins this year!!! So good for you that you have pretty plump ones!

    Send it to Ellen. That is hilarious (sorry) that it got passed someone and put on air.

  2. Our pumpkins will also remain un-carved this year. Oh well. Good thing the girls are still too young to really have an opinion!


  3. Is your famous dirt cake chocolate pudding with oreos? I've had something like this before and can't find a recipe. Your dad sounds like mine! We always went through the candy together and somehow, he got the whoppers and Reese Cups!

  4. the VE issue was seriously ridiculous! who screws that up?!?

    I remember dumping out all of our candy in the middle of the living room floor as well...we would sort it, but I'm sure there was some sort of "parent tax" being assessed and we just didn't know it!

    Our pumpkins didn't get carved this year either...maybe next year when Elyse is a little older!

  5. We skipped fall too this year :/. I just got aggravated that I couldn't find any descent decor anywhere but luckily I have wonderful friends who did ship me a supply of candy corn. I'm with you on that - I love it. There's just something about it :)

  6. I didn't get around to celebrating much this year either. Half-heartedly managed to carve a pumpkin though! And referring to the little old ladies with apples - My grandma was guilty of that, but only after she ran out of candy. A lady down the street used to hand out dimes, haha.

    The VE thing just sounds like a prank. Right? It's crazy.

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