So What Wednesday #15

So What Wednesday
Happy Wednesday love bugs! On this fine hump day I'm linking up with Shannon to  say a big fat SO WHAT! if...
  • As I type this post I'm watching John Edward: Cross Country and crying my eyes out. I pink puffy heart that show. Someday I'd love to take my Mom.
  • The 'C' button on my keyboard keeps sticking. I don't have patience for that shit and I can't help but frantically poke the crap out of the button (while calling it a piece of shit) until it cooperates again.
  • I have nightmares about my student debt. I despise money and the fact that we all need/ rely on it.
  • I woke up this morning and baked Mrs. Pawul's Ice Cream Cookies for a very special girly coffee date I had with my good friend Sarah. Rather than a banana, or whole wheat toast, or yogurt, I ate one of those cookies for breakfast. How very nutritious.  
  • I have an unbelievably obnoxious habit of cracking my knuckles and I just can't stop. It's physically impossible.
  • I can't eat bacon anymore without drenching it in real maple syrup. I'm obsessed. 
  • I've watched Christmas With The Kranks for 3 weeks in a row now. BOOM! 61 days til Santa comes! 
  • I cried this morning (disclaimer: due to the upcoming big move I'm emotionally unstable - hence the constant crying) when I saw one of my Vermont Facebook pages upload this photo of the snow on Mt. Mansfield. I can't believe that after 4 1/2 years away I'm going home. HOME! In just 12 short days Carl and I will finally be where we belong and can start our next chapter. There truly are no words to express the pure happiness and excitement I feel tingling through my body as I type this. I feel so very blessed to call such a beautiful state my home. A state that I'll be lucky enough to raise my own children in and share with my husband. 
  • Halloween is in a week and I still haven't carved my pumpkins I bought two weeks ago.
  • The thought of eating calamari makes me gag. Who in their right effin mind willingly eats TENTACLES! Dirty dirty dirty.
  • ...while typing the word tentacles on the last bullet point spell check changed it to testicles and I've spent the last 5 minutes laughing hysterically. Can you imagine if I hadn't caught that? "Who in their right effin mind willingly eats TESTICLES? Dirty dirty dirty." Baaaahahaha!
  • I hate all animal print clothes/fabrics/furniture. They remind me of Vivian's prostitute friend Kit in Pretty Woman.
  • I flush public toilets with my foot so that I don't have to touch the germ ridden handle.
  • I'm in my mid 20s yet my favorite movies are still the classics made by Disney.
What are you saying so what to this week?
Lots of love, love, love,


  1. Stopping by and following from SWW :) I have to laugh when you say who in their right mind would eat testicles. It's totally a southern thing! Calf/Lamb Fries (fried testicles) are actually pretty good if sliced and fried correctly :)

  2. Love your "so whats" especially about the tentacles. bwahaha

    new follower :)

  3. that picture is gorgeous! & just to be honest...I love me some tentacles! hahaha! this comment made me crack up!

  4. I, too, crack my knuckles. Constantly.

    You have me wanting to watch Christmas With the Kranks right this very minute!

    Good luck with all your packing! I know it must be a bittersweet thing in a way!


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