So What Wednesday #14

So What Wednesday
On this cold and damp Wednesday I'm complaining linking up with the lovely Shannon and saying a big fat SO WHAT! if...
  • I can't wait to devour an American pizza again. Don't get me wrong, England has it's own selection of glorious foods (crumpets with Cornish clotted cream, toad in the hole, fish and chips and daim bars are a few of my favs) but their pizza's are downright AWFUL! I have never been so excited to eat a big fat slice of pepperoni, pineapple, spinach, onion and green pepper pizza from my childhood favorite Green Peppers Restaurant in Middlebury, Vermont. That slice will be dunked in fresh buttermilk ranch dressing too. You can bet your ass on it.
  • I nearly gag in my mouth when men grab themselves 24/7. Seriously, guys. Seriously?
  • The older I get the less I enjoy eating meat. 
  • As awful as this sounds, there are some people in this world who I cannot stand simply because of their accent. Point in case: Paddy McGuinness. I want to punch him in the FACE!
  • I love that it's finally getting cold enough to wear Ugg boots and fluffy scarves.
  • My last run was truly traumatic. I stepped on a dead frog, I tripped over a curb and I fell flat on my face in front of an old man cleaning his car. In addition to that, as a remembrance gift for the most embarrassing run I've been on yet, I came home with a rock stuck in my hand and bleeding knees. I'm just praying that shit doesn't air in the near future on the latest episode of Candid Camera
  • I spent this afternoon with 78 adorable little Kindergartners while visiting my final placement school one last time today. The entire visit I was dressed up as and portrayed "Gresmeralda The Good Witch." It was unbelievably fun (we had very detailed conversations about how I have a glow in the cat named Puddle and sprinkle magic gold dust on my broom in order to fly).  The truth of the matter is that I would quite happily dress up in a glittery froofroo witch costume on a daily basis if it wouldn't mean I'm a freak.
  • I ate a Krispy Kreme glazed donut tonight. I loved every single calorific, sugar filled bite! 
  • Whenever I step back into the classroom to teach I'm immediately consumed with baby fever. I love children and I seriously can't wait to be a Momma.
  •  After my Limbo post last week I received so many genuinely beautiful emails and messages from friends. Many of which made me cry. I want to say a huge thank you to those of you who took the time out of your busy day to reach out and let me know that I'm not alone. I appreciated those messages more than you know. xoxo
  • The hubby and I have an obsession with eating the hottest, spiciest foods we can lately.
  • I get choked up when I see old people holding hands while walking down the street.
  • I absolutely love the smell of blown out candles. It always reminds me of my childhood birthday parties.
What are you saying so what to this week?


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  2. Mmmm I love me the smell of blown out candles, too! :)

    I just can't wait until you're back in the U.S. girl. I mean, it's not like I "know" you in real life... But I'm just going to love knowing that we're closer. Does that sound silly? ;)

    Hope your day has been fabulous!

  3. We LIVE on pizza around here. I guess I never realized that you couldn't get a good pizza in England. You must be dying!!! WOn't be long now love!!!

  4. That pizza sounds amazing!!


  5. I stopped reading after the Krispie Kreme donut... now I am dreaming about one. :)

  6. I truly think my husband might die if he had to give up his precious pepperoni pizza. We have tons of local pizza joints that are our favorites...I know we have pizza at least once a week!


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