SO WHAT! Wednesday #12

So What Wednesday
On this fine sunshiny Wednesday I'm linking up with the lovely  Shannon and saying a big fat SO WHAT! if...
  • I'm PMSing like nobody's business and I've been far moodier than I care to admit.
  • I'm seriously counting down the days until the hubby and I can start trying for a little baba.
  • I STILL haven't had a PSL this year (I know, I know. I'm ashamed) but thankfully, divine intervention means that's all about to change thanks to the UK Starbucks' FINALLY having it in store! (Happy dance. Break it on down. Bow-chicka-wow-wow).
  • I can't stand olives. Or seafood. Or mustard. 
  • I have Ace of Base The Sign on my running playlist and I totally mouthed the words today on my run.
  • I unfollow people on Instagram who constantly take self portraits of themselves. It annoys me.
  • I clumsily characteristically dropped my iPod on the floor and it now has thousands of little white dots all over the screen...ah well, I'm just happy it still works.
  • I took full advantage of JJB Sport going into administration by hitting up their 90% off clearance sales. I bought £100 worth of thermal running clothes for a puny - yet entirely impressive - bargain price of £20! The hubby also spoiled me in buying me my first proper pair of running shoes, some pretty pink Nike Lunars (my other Asics were abusive to my feet and bruised both of my big toes. No bueno) I can't wait to lace these beauties up and hit the road! And it tickles my pickle to know that my ass will be stylish, warm and toasty in all of my new goodies while running this Fall/Winter! Snap!
  • I plan to change my Nike Lunar white shoes laces out for some hot pink ones. I'm obsessed with bright colors lately, can you tell?
  • I stayed up until 2am last night reading catching up on 100 Days to Christmas ideas.
  • In a half-awake early morning stumble to the potty, I tripped on the bed sheet hanging off of our bed and headbutted the wall. Then swore. Then woke the husband up.
  • I was dreaming about Transformers last night in my sleep. So awkward. So weird. 
  • I always flush the toilet with my foot in public places.
  • I love the smell and taste of oatmeal, but the consistency reminds me of chunky snot...Nevertheless it fills me up and it's good for me so I still eat it. 
  • I want to punch people in the nose who constantly post political rants on Facebook. Just shut up!
  • I watched my all time favorite, Christmas With The Kranks at the beginning of this week. 


  1. Did you say baby?! eEEEEEEKKK!!!!

  2. eew gross I can't even handle oatmeal. and yes chunky snot is the perfect description! lol! Thank god your starbucks is finally getting in PSL. Those bad-boys should be available world wide! I can't believe they weren't until now.

  3. I love those shoes! Babies - what fun! Thanks for talking about one of my favorite Christmas movies. Now, I want to watch it!

  4. You need a pumpkin spice latte, stat!!

  5. Checking out that running site stat & would looooove to see this 100 Days to Christmas ideas!

  6. love those shoes! I'd definitely love to be able to buy some new workout gear...it just makes me so much motivated when I feel like I look cute! ha!

  7. so what if I don't know what a PSL is... And yes I flush the toilet with my foot in public rest rooms also. Mom


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