Immigration Visa

This afternoon the doorbell rang and I bolted down the hallway stairs as fast as humanly possible. When I opened the door a friendly bearded face with smiling eyes behind raindrop splattered glasses stood and asked me if Mr. Anderson was available. 

"Sorry, he's not. He's at work. But I'm here and I do believe I've got a receipt for that very special package you have right there!" I said this as I smiled and held out Carl's immigration special delivery receipt, which we've cared for as if it were a newborn baby for the past month. 

"Fantastic, love, that's exactly what I need! I take it you're Mrs. Anderson? That accent certainly isn't a local one is it?" 

"I am indeed! And nope, it's a full blown Vermont accent with a weird bit of Liverpudlian mixed in. Haha!" I squinted to find the electronic signature line through the rain drop beaded screen and mustered up some squiggly lines that vaguely resembled my normal signature.

"That's all I need! Thanks, very much love! You have a good day!" he smiled and hurried down the sidewalk through the cold English rain to seek refuge in his fogged up delivery van. 

"Thanks a lot! Take good care!" I shouted as I closed the front door and began to stumble up the stairs and into the kitchen where I immediately took a picture of the package and emailed it to Carl in work. His reply went something along the lines of "Yay!" and asked me to open it. 

As I ran the sharp scissors along the plastic envelop in the same way I do when cutting smooth wrapping paper at Christmas, a large brown envelope fell to the ground below me, quickly followed by Carl's maroon passport. 
As I retrieved them from the linoleum floor below, crocodile sized tears ran down my cheeks as the significance of this moment finally dawned on me. I held Carl's passport in my hands and through tear filled eyes stared at page 17. The red, white and blue paper had a faded picture of Abraham Lincoln proudly staring off into the distance where the infamous dome of the White House stood. Underneath, small perfect cursive read snip-its of our constitution and at the top bright red capital block letters announced UNITED STATES OF AMERICA IMMIGRANT VISA. My husbands name and photo stared back at me below and at that very moment all of the stress and worry left my body in the form of those wet, salty tears.
After 10 years, and so many heartbreaking goodbye's, we've done it. We've finally done it. Carl and I will never have to be apart again. There's no more long distance heartache to try and test us. We'll be together forever, starting the new and wonderful chapter in our life that we've fought so long and so hard for. My heart is bursting with sheer gratitude and happiness. Good things really do come to those who wait.
 I only wish I could have told these two 8 years ago when the road ahead looked so long and bumpy.

Wishing you a very happy Tuesday, love bugs!
Lots of love, love, love!


  1. so happy for you both :)such wonderful news!

  2. This is such wonderful news and a beautiful post! Congratulations on his passport!

  3. Awesome awesome!!! So happy for the two of you :)

  4. so incredibly exciting! what a happy new beginning for you 2!

  5. Aww...SO SWEET!!! I am so happy for you guys. I may have cried some happy tears for you today too. Christmas in Vermont sweetie...it's right around the corner :-)

  6. You know I'm so so so so so happy for you and Carl! You deserve this so much and this new chapter in your life is SO EXCITING and so beautiful. You have so much to smile and be happy about. Love you my sweet Petal!!!!!

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