I don't need extravagance and excitement

Happy Monday, love bugs!
I feel as though this time every week I find myself saying the same thing: "we didn't really do anything very extravagant or exciting this weekend."  I suppose I feel that way because we haven't been doing anything extravagant or exciting. The truth of it is that Carl and I have been experiencing the lull before our frantic and exciting journey across the pond - the calm before the storm so to speak. A time where money is tight - really tight, stress levels are high and I find myself lying in bed bright eyed at 5am composing "packing-to-do" lists in my mind. Nevertheless, we still manage to enjoy fun and laid back weekends. Weekends like this past one, which consist of wine drinking, cookie baking, grocery shopping, PSL sipping and lots of chit-chatting with friends. Regardless of the fact it was laid back and mostly "uneventful," it was pretty glorious.
On Friday night my mother-in-law and I decided it was the prime time to pop open a bottle of bubbly she'd recently been gifted by a friend. With grace and elegance (obviously, we're ladies don't ya know) we sipped away at pint glasses (stay with me here) filled with ginger ale and wine until the clock struck 2am and we realized we'd spent the previous 6 hours consumed in slurred and emotional heart-to-hearts. The God's honest truth is that I only vaguely remember hugging and kissing Lynne goodnight, stumbling into mine and Carl's bedroom where I stubbed my toe on the side of the bed (and swore) and proceeded to confess my undying love to my sober husband who must have momentarily reconsidered his promise to stick by my (drunken) ass through thick and thin. I don't remember getting into my night clothes, or brushing my teeth, or neatly tucking myself into bed because I did none of the above. Instead, Carl informs me that I passed out face down in my pillow somewhere in between my ramblings about babies and white picket fences and the time he spent brushing his teeth. He entered our bedroom again to find me drooling while cuddling my Starbucks teddy bear named Philippe. I remained that way until I awoke late the following morning with the lingering sour taste of wine in my mouth and a banging headache. For two ladies who don't drink very often I'd say Lynne and I did ourselves proud that night.

On Saturday Carl and I ventured into Formby Village for a mooch around a new local super market that has just opened. I'd had my eye on a cute little pumpkin cookie cutter, I needed baking supplies for an upcoming cake order, and Carl was more than happy to stroll beside me with Led Zeppelin blaring out of his headphones. After a short while we returned home where Carl consumed himself in, yet another, English Premiere League football match and I tied my hair up and proceeded to make sugar cookies with the same Betty Crocker recipe my mother used when I was a child.  
All throughout my cookie adventures my best friend Tasha Whatsapped a consistent flow of pictures from one of our best friend, Audrey's, wedding in North Carolina. Audrey, Tasha, Megan, and I are part of a little group of friends who have been best buddies since the end of Middle School. Audj ended up moving down to North Carolina during the final years of High School and stayed to attended college at JWU. It was there that she met Tim...and as you  can imagine the rest is history. Tasha and Megan were bridesmaids in Audrey's wedding on Saturday and although it broke my heart that the dreaded Atlantic Ocean, yet again, prevented me from being with people I love for a special occasion, I cried and smiled and felt genuine happiness for my Audjinater Tater as Tasha continued to send pictures of our beautiful friend who married her soul mate. Although I wasn't there, I could feel the genuine happiness and love all the way in England. 
Audrey and Tim-Tom, I am so unbelievably happy for both of you. Carl and I wish so badly we could have been there for your special day, but we promise to make it up to you next time you're in VT. I love (and miss) you to the moon and back and I wish you the very best of luck in the future. You both deserve nothing but the best, and each other :) Until I can hug and kiss you both in person, these stupid virtual hugs and kisses will just have to do. Haha
Sunday I woke up and busted out a successful 4 mile run before heading to Southport for the day. My Carl and two of his best friends, Carl R and Loll, had tickets to see the special premier/ limited showing Led Zeppelin film. And while the boys did their thing, Toni (Carl R's wife) and I had a Pumpkin Spice Latte and girly-chit-chat date at Starbucks. For the entire afternoon we sipped our PSL's, ate our slices of pumpkin spice loaf an carrot cake, and discussed everything from Baby Alfie's arrival, to mine and Carl's wedding in VT next year, to our dream of going to NYC together. After 4 hours of non-stop-yapping we still had time to kill before the boys emerged from the theater, so we slowly strolled around Southport and down the pier. There wasn't a cloud in the sky, the weather was cool and comfortable, and as I looked out across the sparkling Irish Sea I tried my very best to savor every last minute of my time with my English best bud. We discussed how close the time was coming to say our final goodbye and once again I began to feel those pings of sadness that show their ugly face from time to time.  I'm going to miss Toni so much and it kills me that Carl and I won't be here for the birth of little Alfie. But I'm not one to dwell on the negative and instead I'm choosing to focus on how stinkin cute little Alfie will be as he holds his tiny ring bearer pillow at our wedding next year. I truly cannot wait. That Ocean ain't got nothin on us!
These past few weekends have really shown me how I don't need my life to be filled with extravagance and excitement in order to enjoy myself and make memories. Give me good company, good food, perhaps some wine, lots of laughs, wedding photo's of best friends, and lazy strolls down a pier and that'll suit this girl just fine. 

Lots of love, love, love,


  1. This made me cry my love! I miss and love you sooooo much!!! Wish you could have been there but there will be many anniversary parties to attend :)

  2. Sometimes the most simple things are the best things. And impromtu nights {with or without a lovely beverage!} make the best memories. Beautiful post. Ps. is that a Starbuck's pumpkin loaf - my fave!

  3. Your "uneventful" weekend sounded like a great one to me! :) Try to enjoy the rest of your time here, I'm sure when you look back it will fly by!


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