White Rabbit

The time is finally upon us my friends and I could not be more excited. Let's open our arms wide, take a deap chilled breathe and breathe in all that Fall has to offer. It's finally October!

I'm sure by now you're all well aware that I'm a fan of Fall. I mean come on, I don't shut up about it. And while I consider September to be 'Fall' (truth be told, if the weather is permitting I consider the end of August Fall as well - mostly because I'm one of those obnoxious people who obsesses over certain seasons and finds every excuse to make the most of it for as long as humanly possibly) but the truth is that I get that warm toasty Fall feeling in my tummy when October finally rolls around. There's just something in the air on the first of October that feels different, and I celebrate. I celebrate in the form of a happy dance where I parade around my bedroom waving burnt orange and chocolate brown scarves in the air and river dancing in leather knee high boots. I celebrate in the foods that I eat, the music that I listen to, the shows that I watch. I celebrate in the excitement I get when I have to stuff a pair of gloves in my purse. But I do this, this celebrating, because I know that the next few weeks will be consumed with many of my favorite things. Things like pumpkins, beautiful Fall foliage, apple cider donuts, apple orchards, leaf piles, fresh baked pies and most importantly little ghouls, goblins and giggling witches who scream 'trick or treat!' while sporting their best puppy dog give-me-a-shitload-of-candy-please expressions. I just love it.

This morning, although I had, yet again, the very same brain fart that I have at the beginning of every single month (i.e I forgot to say 'white rabbit' as soon as my eyes met the gloominess of the autumn day) I was, nevertheless, greeted with fantastic news and spent the first few minutes of October 1st smiling like a little child on Christmas morning. For those of you that don't know, the Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte hasn't been available in the UK - utterly ridiculous and soul crushing, I know - so in an attempt to vent and publicize my frustration of such a heinous crime, I joined a Facebook group titled Starbucks - Bring the Pumpkin Spice Latte to the UK (slightly dorky but totally worthy) and have been shamelessly stalking recent reports that the PSL would be soon be trialed in the UK. For about 2 weeks I've impatiently waited for news and the desperation had become severe after my heartbreaking 'Sorry, we don't sell Pumpkin Spice Latte's' bullshit sandwich I was fed in a London Starbucks last month. But today, my friends, a marvelous day brightening announcement was made. One which I too must share with the world as my good deed of the day which will bring tears of happiness to other UK PSL lovers. As of October 1st the PSL is officially available to all UK customers *insert chorus of singing angels here*  and you can bet your ass I'll be ordering a grande by the weekend. White rabbit-less and all, this October was off to a fine fine start. 
But the good news didn't stop there. 

Over the past week two of my besties Nina and Jen have listened to me complain non-stop about how my last two runs have been downright AWFUL. As in, I  couldn't run 3 minutes without gasping for air and contemplating if it would be far too dramatic to lay down on the sidewalk for a short nap before dragging myself home kind of awful. It wasn't pretty and it was unbelievably frustrating. But after a good look at my food and water intake, a spiffy new Livestrong running jacket, a change of attitude and some serious reflection on the importance of banana's in my diet, I am beyond excited to say that I completed week 5 of my C25K program on a high this morning. I ran the entire 20 minutes straight without stopping once or gasping for air. I even managed to run my second mile in 10:08 (which sounds like donkeys years to all of you avid runners, but for a newbie who hit a bit of a rough patch, it's quite the accomplishment). I finished the 3 mile mark with an extra spring in my step and a massive smile on my face. It felt amazing.
And after I returned home from my run I carried on the Fall feeling and filled my tummy with a nice warm bowl of Cinnamon oatmeal (which I added 1/2 tsp of brown sugar and nutmeg to for extra yumminess).
So  with a full belly and happy heart, I then proceeded to dig out my favorite Buttery White Bread recipe and made two springy golden loaves which perfumed the whole house for the entire day and fed the entire family for dinner. What's even better, Carl called dibs on the round loaf as he's convinced it'll provide the necessary scrumptious fixin's for a week of damn tasty ham sandwiches on his lunch breaks. Success.
And to add to everything else, this evening Carl received a text from the Embassy to say that his Immigration Visa will be arriving by special courier tomorrow. We hugged and kissed and smiled so big our cheeks were on fire. That happy, blessed, Fall feeling tingled from my head all the way down to my toes. I was graced with a productive, beautiful, and gratifying first day of October. I couldn't have asked for anything better. For once luck is on my side, even if I forgot about that damn white rabbit.

Happy October 1st, love bugs!


  1. I completely agree girl! Now, now... Usually in Minnesota - it's still pretty toastty in September... But on my birthday this year I was sporting around skinny jeans, boots, and a flowy Forever 21 top {Longsleeve mind you!!}. It was so wonderful. :-) I agree though... Something about today was just so much better. The leaves changed a lot here this weekend, too. So that's thrilling!

    Yay for you running your booty off and everything with immigration going alright. Been praying for y'all!

    Much love darling!!!

    1. Thanks so much for, as usual, a super sweet comment, Kenz! :) Lots of love xoxo

  2. All of your blog posts make me want to curl up under a blanket and eat some sweets. :) That bread looks ahh-mazing.

    1. Haha Holly if you weren't so damn far away I'd lug a loaf of bread over to yours, with some spiked apple cider, of course, and we'd veg out on the couch covered in comfy blankets and watch chick flicks :)

  3. Fall is my favorite! Don't you feel amazing after accomplishing that running goal?! I've been running for a few years now and I still get that 'I can do anything' sense of accomplishment whenever I run. It's addicting!

    1. It's such a great season, isn't it?! Exactly, Katie! That 'I can do anything' sense of accomplishment is exactly what I feel like at the end of a good run! You hit the nail on the head girl! :)


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