First things first...

Happy Friday, love bugs!


I have some very special cake-related news which I am beyond excited to share with all of you. The ugly truth is that I had fully intended to have written and published my fantastic sharing-of-big-news-post earlier today, but I've been a busy bee from 8:45 this morning until 7:30 this evening. The sad fact of the matter is that I ran out of time. I mean, I suppose I could have busted it out if I really wanted to, but the previously mentioned 'exciting cake-related news' is something special to me and I really feel I owe it the appropriate amount of time, love and graciousness it deserves. I know what I'm like, and I know that spelling/grammatical errors breed like rabbits if I'm in a hurry or hungry (don't look at me that way. You know that you too turn into an impatient, grammar abusive, pain in the ass when you're starving) so in an attempt to prevent an influx of unnecessary commas, apostrophes and extra p's, I'll wait until this weekend for the big reveal. Stay tuned, folks!

Nevertheless, I did want to take a couple of minutes before snuggling into bed with Carlos to say two very important things.

1) A colorful, bright, smiley, excitable, and extremely heart felt  HAPPY BIRTHDAYto my bestest English bud, Toni (you know, the-soon-to-be-Mama to Baby Rooneywho turns 29 today! Laugh until your baby-belly jiggles, kiss your pain-in-the-ass-yet-undeniably-lovely hubby way too much, and dance the night away. A special birthday girl like you deserves a special birthday celebration :) Love you

2) Last week I finally got around to reading my all time favorite Blooger, Kelle Hampton's, much talked about and loved memoir, Bloom (which I've been desperately wanting to read since April, but forced myself to delay in buying as I was responsibly trying to avoid stuffing another book into my elephant sized suitcase...needless to say once I found out we'd be in England a bit longer I caved).
I can honestly say that this book was everything, and ever more, than I had dreamed/heard of. It has easily become one of my all time favorite books, and one that I plan to read frequently in order to remind myself that life changing beauty can be found in situations you never thought you'd be strong enough to overcome. Kelle is so honest, true and genuine and her writing has striking similarities to that of the magical dancing mop in Fantasia. It's beautiful, poetic, elegant and utterly mesmerizing. I cried oh, I don't know, about 849 different times throughout the 278 pages of this enthralling memoir, and truly fell in love with not only little Nella, but Lainey, Kelle and all of their truly amazing family members and friends. But, as with every single good book, I had a favorite part/chapter/couple of pages. In Bloom, it was Chapter 12: Jeremy, and I read that chapter 3 times in a row. I cried, I laughed and my heart tingled with love for people I'd never met, and probably never will meet. It was beautiful, a eureka moment, which honestly touched my heart (if you want to read what I'm rambling on about flip to my favorite pages: 225-232).
As soon as I closed this book, teary eyed and nostalgic, I turned to Carl (who is well versed in little Nella, as for about a year now I've shown him a constant stream of Instagram/Twitter/Enjoying The Small Things pictures of this little girl who I absolutely adore) and said 'You know baby, if I ever spotted Kelle on the sidewalk with Nella and Lainey I'd have to run over to her. I'd be compelled - it would be a gravitational pull and there would be no way I couldn't. I'd walk right up to her and say 'Hi Kelle, you don't know me but I just have to say that I love you, I love Nella and Lainey and I'll quite happily send you a lifelong supply of homemade cupcakes if I could just give you a hug and your girls an extra big cuddle.'"  He looked at me momentarily with this 'you sound like a stalker' smile, until he leaned in and hugged me. I could feel him jiggling as he laughed at my sappiness and seeping affection for complete strangers, but I didn't care. I was serious and I fully intend to say just that if  a day ever presents itself where I meet Kelle and her beautiful family. 

Moral of this long winded rambling: get your hands on a copy of Bloom as soon as humanly possible. It's one of the most touching books I've ever read in my life and I promise you won't regret it. In the meantime, while you're waiting for your Amazon shipment to arrive, stalk up on tissues, watch the trailer, read the blog and just like The Grinch on Christmas day, feel your heart grow 3 sizes
Enjoy the rest of your Friday, love bugs! 
I'll be back over the weekend to share my very special "caketastic" news!

Lots of love, love, love,


  1. Dang! I started tearing up just watching the trailer!! Looks like Ill be looking it up for Kindle....

  2. Well I have already red many books of Kelly Hampton and the author is now amongst my favorite ones now...as far as BLOOM is concerned, really after reading this post of yours I am very eager to go through it soon...

  3. Hello from Idaho! I stalked you from Kelle's blog(listen to me acting all-like-I-know-her).lol......Just want to say I agree with you! I adore the Hampton's. I even had a dream one time I was talking to her.....I guess that's what happen when you peak at a blog every other day for 2 years.:) Anywho.. thought I would agree with ya and send some love your way.:)


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