49 Today

Today, someone very near and dear to my heart turns the ripe old age of 49 21. 

Someone who absolutely loves his old cars.

Someone who is the most hard working, committed and determined person I know.
Someone who inspires me.
Someone who built not only our house but half the population of Vermont's home as well.
Someone who can't have a phone conversation without doodling silly squiggles.
Someone who uses duct tape to create top-secret doughnut traps in order to keep his doughnut loving daughters out of their Mother's homemade goodies.
Someone who loves old Western movies, idolizes John Wayne and has seen every single episode of Gunsmoke there is.
Someone who uses phrases like 'that was cornier than a corn field' and imitates a baby crying when either my sister or I whine.
Someone who is unique, hilarious, goofy and all together dorktastic.
Someone who itches his foot with a back scratcher.
Someone who is always antagonizing my cat.
Someone who sings like Elvis while he makes homemade Spaghetti, loves mashed potato and is the only other person on the planet who enjoys  bread dough as much as I do.
Someone who taught me how to drink the last of the VT Maple Syrup from its jar.
Someone who looks especially cute in cowboy boots, and dances the best two-step in the land.
Someone who is not only sweet, caring and thoughtful but gives the very best 'whisker tickling' kisses around.
Someone who has blessed two girls with a fantastic father...
and a lucky woman with a husband.
Someone who has gone out of his way to give his family the best life he possibly could.  Someone who is valued and appreciated more than I think he knows. 
 Someone I look up to, miss on a daily basis and can always rely on to be brutally honest and straightforward. 
Someone who is cuddly, fuzzy and always smells of Old Spice and sawdust.
Someone who I love so very dearly I often think I may explode, is one of the most handsome men around (and the spit of Burt Reynolds) and who I'm lucky enough to call my Dad.
So here's to you, my handsome Daddy-O, on your 49th birthday. Sit on the couch tonight with a plate full of Mom's Pineapple Upside Down Cake, a can full of Michelob Light, and a smile on your whiskered face. Pull that recliner lever back so that your feet rest comfortably in those fuzzy leather slippers you've had since cave men walked the Earth, and enjoy some Pawn Stars, American Pickers and Ice Road Truckers. Laugh that belly laugh that is so infectious, pick on Sheester that little bit extra and give Mom those puppy dog eyes so she caves and rubs your feet. Soak up the extra pampering, eat that annual bag of Peanut M&M's Sonya will (no doubt) buy you, and feel extra special and loved because you are. 
We  all love you to the moon and back, and I wish so badly I could be there to spoil you too. But I take comfort in knowing that very soon, I will be. So in the meantime...

Happy Birthday, Daddy-O!! 
Lots and lots of love always, always, always,
Mandy xoxo


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