Sometimes and Always #14

Sometimes: I want a baby so badly I can barely see straight.
Always: I snap back to reality and realize how important it is to me that I wait until the time is right for Carl and I. Right now it's not, but it soon will be. Until then I'll shower my pregnant friends (which I currently have SO many of - seriously, there must be something in the water) with extra baby love and continue to dream of the day that it's my turn to be a mommy :)

Sometimes: I can't be bothered working out and would much rather lay on the couch and watch Extreme Makeover: Home Edition
Always: I force myself to tie my sneakers, grab my water bottle and make the short journey to the local LA Fitness down the road. In never fails, I feel SO rejuvenated, happy and healthy every single time I leave there.

Sometimes: I think I'd like to go sky diving.
Always: My constant bad luck and clumsiness means that I chicken out. I know for a fact if I ever went sky diving I would be that poor bastard who's parachute didn't deploy or the one that landed in a massive picker bush. 

Sometimes: I watch One Born Every Minute and wish I'd have become a Midwife.
Always: I realize how much I'd miss the opportunity to spend my life teaching sweet children on a daily basis. There are few things more humbling than knowing you're helping to make a positive impact on a child's life. It's one of my favorite things in the entire world and I am beyond excited to go home and get my first job!
Sometimes: crave become completely infatuated with a specific food.
Always: I obsess over that food (constantly drooling, dreaming, thinking about it) until I finally satisfy my hunger. Latest obsession: homemade bread. Was is everything I'd been hoping for? Yes. And much, much, more. 

Sometimes: I can't believe how far Carl and I have come. That we've been together 10 years and are now married. That we're only a couple of weeks away from moving back home and starting a new chapter in our lives. That we really made our dreams come true.
Always: I am beyond grateful for having, against the odds, survived a long distance relationship plagued by the Atlantic Ocean. I feel truly blessed to have found him, the peanut butter to my jelly, and couldn't be more excited for our future. Bring on the new home, new jobs, and new (future) additions to our sweet family.

Sometimes: I lick the left over ketchup off of my plate.
Always: I curse the  day I was born as I spend the next hour DYING of heartburn.

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Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday!
Lots of love, love, love


  1. so the show "one born every minute" is taped at the hospital where I'll be delivering baby b in november! It was important for me to deliver at Riverside because that's where I was born too :)

    and thank you for the get well wishes! hopefully I'll kick this cold in the butt soon!

  2. How did you are Carl meet? Do you have a post about it somewhere?

  3. Oh that bread...THAT BREAD!!!! I've been dreaming about it ever since you texted me the picture. I want some NOW! But I want someone else to make it for me. Ha! Love your Sometimes and Always posts :-) Chat with ya later love! xoxo

  4. Mmmm...that bread looks DELICIOUS!!! And wait for your time in the baby department, they are so wonderful...but life truly does change as soon as you pee on that little stick! ha!

  5. That bread looks so delicious!

    I too would rather sit on the couch instead of working out, but I'm always glad I chose to kick my own butt!


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