Rainy Days...

Are for wearing pajamas all day, for being lazy and relaxed.
For neglecting make up and hair brushes,
for eating sweet snacks.

Rainy days are for giant polka dot cups filled with steaming hot tea,
or hot chocolate, 
or spiced latte
 or bitter coffee.

They are for kisses, and snuggles, and cuddles and naps.
For chick flicks, and freshly painted nails and long girly chats.

They are calm, cool and collected.
Full of yawns, loafing and heavy eyes.
They are slow and unassuming,
the best for baking pies.

Rainy days are for puddle jumping, raindrop thumping and thunder.
They are for fuzzy sweaters, bright umbrellas and minds left to wonder.

Rainy days are God's way of saying take it easy, slow down.
Of turning bustling city streets into vacant ghost towns.

They're comfortable, they're still, 
they're drowsy and sluggish.
They're cosy, they're gentle,
they're boring, they're huggish.

Rainy days like today are always my favorite.
Rainy days like today remind me to savor it.
Because life moves too quickly, the years pass so fast.
So thank those damp raindrops...
you've slowed down at last.

Wishing you all a happy rainy Sunday.


  1. Just another reason you and I are clearly twinnies...I love ALL these things about a rainy day and I even have a green polkadot mug to prove it :-) xoxo

    1. Jen, I have a green polkadot mug too! It's my favorite! Hahaha! Seriously, we need to stop being so alike. It's starting to frighten me! xoxo

  2. hiya love! Sorry, I wasn't trying to scare you about the interview process. Please don't worry!!!

    (domesticability from IG)

    1. Oh, hun don't worry! You haven't scared me! :) I agree with what you said about telling them to shove it when/if the questions get too personal! Haha! The furthest I'm willing to go is admit I sleep on the right side of the bed and he's on the left! Ha!

      Thanks for stopping by, chica! :) xoxo


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