The International Space Station

On Friday night the hubby and I went to visit our best buds Toni and Carl. We spent the evening enjoying Chinese food, laughing at epic stunt fails on YouTube, playing Uno and discussing exciting grown up things (stay tuned for more on that in the upcoming days). It was a lovely relaxed evening with good friends. Just what I needed and just what I love. 

In the midst of one of our girly chats, Toni happened to ask if I'd seen the International Space Station sailing across the night sky recently. My crumpled eyebrow must have given away my confusion as she quickly explained that friends from work had been excitedly sharing about their sightings. From August 17th - 24th (at specific times) those of us living in the Liverpool area are able to enjoy the pleasures of the Space Station floating across the evening darkness. The bright glowing blob moves quickly - only taking a couple of minutes to travel from West to East before disappearing over the horizon. 

Toni and Carl hadn't yet seen it either, so last night on the car ride back home, at approximately 11:54pm, Toni made a pit stop at a local bus stop so that we were all able to get a good view. For a good minute we stood outside of the car craning our necks toward the sky as if we were desperately trying to make friends with a UFO full of aliens. But then we saw it -a bright twinkling light moving at a million miles an hour from one side of the city to the other. It was something I'd never seen before and I truly thought it was brilliant. How often do you get to say you looked up into the sky and watched the International Space Station fly by? Seriously? And the fact that two Russian astronauts are up there this very minute? Absolutely amazing! I'm a sucker for this kind of crud. Always have been, always will be. Don't even get me started on the Northern Lights. I'm obsessed!

But because I'm such a big fat nerd - I couldn't leave it at just one night of viewing pleasure. Oh no folks, this greedy little astronomical obsessive needed more! So, this evening, at 9:28pm Carl, the in-laws and I all hurried to the darkest part of our road and peered up into the sky. And sure enough, within the space of 3 minutes Carl excitedly exclaimed he'd found it. Immediately I busted out my camera phone. I just had to take full advantage of this awesomeness. I even video taped our experience.  
So if, like me, you're a mahoosive geek and the thought of watching the ISS float across the sky excites you probably more than it ought to, then be sure to click the NASA Sky Watch link to find out when you can view it wherever you're living! It's only available for viewing on specific dates - so make sure to plan ahead!  Oh, and the teacher inside me insists that all of you Mom's and Dad's allow your little dumplings to stay up a bit late just one night so that they can see this. They'll be tickled pink to spot that big ball of light floating across the big black sky. And to really get them going, explain that two people are up there performing space walks! I  guarantee you'll get at least 5 'WOW! Cooool!'s :)

Happy Saturday, love bugs, and enjoy your viewing from wherever you live!


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