A Sunshiny Summery Saturday

One of my all time favorite movies is Wimbledon starring Kirsten Dunst and Paul Bettany. And if any of you have seen it (which if you haven't you need to sort that out, pronto!) you'll know exactly what I'm talking about next. There's a line in the film which has always resonated with me. It's spoken by Peter's tennis buddy Dieter Prohl and goes something along the lines of: "I suppose, in a few thousand years, the English will have evolved webbed feet." For donkeys years that's made me laugh. I love the sarcasm yet utter truth to it, and it's ironic because ever since I've been living here, in jolly ol' England, I'm pretty sure the skin between my toes has grown together...and come to think of it, Carl's feet ARE strikingly duck-like...Dieter clearly knew what he was talking about. What a genius. 

The month of June saw record rain here in England (in fact, there was more rain this past June than there has been since records began in 1910. Ridiculous? I thought so too) and weather reports called for an additional months worth of rain over Friday and Saturday alone. I'm not exaggerating when I say there are parts of Britain where peoples houses are soggy and completely submerged in muddy rainwater. More rain isn't what we need. And the true epicness of this craptastic weather has been felt in full force not only in terms of property damage, but in everyone's ability to truly enjoy summer. I mean how on earth can you enjoy yourself if you're sporting the rain boots and giant umbrella on a daily basis? Beach days, frozen margaritas and tan lines? BAHA! You must be having a laugh! Not here in England, folks. And while I am thankful that here in Liverpool we've been lucky enough to miss out on the sever flooding, the rain has most definitely pissed in our cornflakes. It had been weeks since the sun and I had seen one another. The truth of the matter was that our relationship was fizzling and I was beginning to wonder what I'd done wrong to scare him away. That was, until today. The sun had it's hat on and Carl and I hurried outside to say hello. For the first time in WEEKS, the weatherman was wrong, and it was a sunshiny summery Saturday. It was glorious.

We woke up, showered, posted the mountain of eBay packages we had ready to go and took a casual stroll into Formby Village. Everyone was out to play and it was the first time this summer we got to experience lovely weather. Smiles were on everyone's faces and I felt so care free I said hello to an unknown number of randomers. 
Once we got into the village we headed straight for our beloved Pancake Shop. We ordered our usual (Carl's ham and cheese and my butter and sugar, both with a side of maple syrup - although I opted for a side of fresh peaches today and they were a fantastic addition. YUM!) In all of the pancake excitement/my utter gluttony, I completely forgot to take pictures.  So you'll have to use your imagination, I'm afraid. Which is good for you as I can guarantee you would have drooled and been embarrassed that you dribbled all over yourself if I had photos. So yeah, you're welcome.  

After the pancake shop, we headed across the road where Carlos got his hair cut at the local barbers shop, and I was able to watch Serena Williams kick serious butt (in case you're living in a cave and didn't know, she won her 5th Wimbledon Final today. 5TH!!! You go, girl!)
After snapping a few pictures and attempting to drown out 'man talk'  I decided to head over to the local farmers market shop and buy some fresh local veggies and fruit.
And on the way back to the barbers shop I admired the musical talents from the wonderful bands/people who were performing for this year's Formby Live.
I even managed to capture a quick video of one of the performers singing Gotye's Somebody That I Used to Know (you can listen/read about my obsession with that song in this post). Carl and the barber thought it was a bit craptastic, but I quite enjoyed listening to someone else's spin on the song. I felt like an American Idol judge trying to appreciate his ability to tweak it to suit his musical abilities...hahaha! Clearly I'm delusional, but you see what you think!
After that, we headed to a new cake shop in the village where I got Mama Lynne and I mini lemon curd cupcakes. They were to die for, people. TO.DIE.FOR. I saved my Weight Watchers points all afternoon and scoffed that bad boy down in record time. It was a heavenly experience. No exaggeration. 
Carl wasn't left out in the yum-yum department, he ended up getting a big cup of Cheshire Farms Double Chocolate Ice Cream. We strolled around town as he enjoyed his treat (I may or may not have insisted on testing it out to make sure it wasn't poisonous...because I'm such a caring wife). After that I did a happy sun dance and obnoxiously nagged him to take a photo of me pointing dorkily to the sun. Don't judge. It's the simple things for me, ya see. 
All in all it was a beautiful sunshiny summer Saturday and I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed that the weatherman is wrong again tomorrow. I love the sunshine and I want more. If not, I guess I'll be forced to plunk my ass on the couch and watch the Wimbledon Men's Final. Mmmmmm, mmm! That's fine by me. COME ON FEDERER, YOU SEXY BEAST!!

I hope, wherever you are, you've enjoyed a fantabulous Saturday full of sunshine and smiles. Now let's all just hope that Mother Nature gets her act together soon and sends some of this rain over yonder to the poor people in Colorado. We need the hot sunshine and they need the soggy clouds. We all deserve some comfortable summer weather.

Thanks for reading, guys!
Lots of love, love, love,


  1. Want to send some of that English rain over here to the US midwest? We need some :) I'm originally from Lincolnshire in England and moved to the USA 6 years ago. I love finding new expat blogs to read as I'm new to the blogging world.

    New follower! :)

    1. Hi Katie!! So glad you've found my blog! Where in Lincolnshire are you from? What made you move to the states? :) Thank's so much for following, be sure to keep in touch! :) xoxo

    2. I'm from Stamford, so quite close to Peterborough if you've heard of that. I moved because I got married to my American husband (but we met in the UK- long story lol). Really wanting to move back at some point- I get quite homesick. I'm sure you can relate though! Oh and Happy Birthday for the other day!

  2. YOu know...we've been so wrapped up with our heat wave in America, we forget that other parts of the world are having craptastic weather too!! If only we could swap climates for a few days and solve everyone's problems. We could use your rain and you could certainly use our sun :-)

    YOu look so cute in these pictures and OMG...I am about to die over the lemon curd cupcakes!!!! Although your pancakes sound equally delicious. In fact, I may have to go make some right now. They are the kid's favorite anyway :-)

    Well I hope you have a FABULOUS birthday today sweetie!! I'll be thinking of you and expecting lots and lots of pictures!!! Love ya bunches!! xoxoxo

    1. Oooh, Twinnie you would have died. If they wouldn't be fuzzy and green by time they arrived at your house I'd totally send you some. Scruptious!! Pancakes at any point in the day are fantastic. Factoid. You should definitely make them for the kiddos! :)

      Thank you for the birthday wish, babydoll. I definitely took LOTS of pictures! haha! Love ya oodles xoxo


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