Sometimes and Always #11

Sometimes: I spot an air plane up in the sky.
Always: I wonder where in the world it's headed and so wish they'd invent an app so I could effortlessly stick my nose in other peoples business... but then I realize that's super dorktastic and borderline stalkerish...
Sometimes: My mother takes my Bobbi Jo kitty to get the most ridonculous hair cut in the freakin' world. My poor cat now looks like she's been in a fight with my Dad's beard trimmer...and lost. Her tail looks like a water fountain for crying out loud!
Always: I am thankful that hair grows back and within a couple of weeks she'll be her fluffy self again :) Just in time for me to cuddle her senseless as soon as I set foot in VT. I've desperately missed my punkin little. 
Sometimes: I get stressed out and overwhelmed with PGCE work. I'd be lying if I said there weren't days where I wondered if it was all worth it.
Always: Something happens that proves Dad really knew what he was talking about when he said that hard work always pays off. Case in point: the above email I received yesterday from the head of my PGCE course. My cheeks hurt from smiling so big when I read it. (Oh, and yes 'honored' is spelled with a 'u'...I'm still in England so I've gotta follow their rules. Ha!)
Sometimes: I get excited to religiously participate in Chantelle's monthly Photo a Day challenge.
Always: I last about 10 days before I get distracted and fall behind. Every single month I find myself a photo a day failure. I desperately need to work on this.
Sometimes: I go on Starbucks coffee dates with my little lucky Irish charm, Hannah Banana. 
Always: We smile, laugh, and talk for hours and hours. It's so wonderful to have a caring friend who is so sweet, genuine, and down to earth. I'm going to miss Hannah something awful when Carl and I move back across the pond, but I'll think of her every single time I look at this adorable sign she gave me today. 
Sometimes: My husband drives me nuts when he constantly has his iPod on, smells his fingers while he concentrates or plays drums on his lap when I'm trying to read or watch TV.
Always: I love him a little more every single day. I wouldn't trade him - and all of his obnoxious little habits - for anyone else in the whole world. He's my bestest friend and I feel truly blessed to be able to spend the rest of my life by his side.
Sometimes: On the way home I stop at the farmers fruit stall in the middle of the city centre.
Always: I get unbelievably excited when fresh black cherries are in season and happily splurge £2.50 for a bag full. This is my all time favorite summer snack.
Sometimes: I wonder if maybe I'm a little snap happy and post far too many pictures on my blog/instagram/twitter/facebook.
Always: I convince myself that nah, you can't have too many pictures. After all, they're worth a thousand words.

That's all for me this afternoon, lovelies! But What are your Sometimes and Always? Link up with us here and share!  :)
Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday, my beautiful blog friends!
Lots of love, love, love,


  1. OMG. WE'RE TWINS. The first one about airplanes... Holy crap. Took the words right outta my mouth! My thoughts exactly.

    I always LOVE reading these posts of yours! You are so positive and downright adorable. Plus, I can just hear your voice in your writing.

    I love you to the sky... And back again... A million times!!!

    Hope you are well :) Xoxoxoxo


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