SO WHAT! Wednesday #5

Well folks, It's that time of the week again! I'm linking up on this 4th of July with Shannon and saying SO WHAT! if...
  • I cried this morning when I woke up and realized I'd miss out on yet another year of 4th of July celebrations. I feel so left out and un-patriotic. I hate that.
  • I was naughty and indulged in a McDonald's Toffee Sundae last night. Now, I could try and lie to you and pretend I caved in and ate it as a result of Independence Day celebrations, because seriously...who eats healthy on the 4th of July? But really the truth is that I just wanted a bit fat sugary bowl of ice cream and caramel. And ya know what, it was SO worth it.
  • I hate tomatoes but practically drink ketchup.
  • I think it's gross when people don't brush their teeth before bed AND when they wake up in the morning. Ew.
  • I'm obsessed with everything polka dot. For cereal. Every single thing.
  • I despise the little Chihuahua that belongs to my in-laws neighbor (which I lovingly refer to as 'the little rat') and if the little shit doesn't stop barking I just may go mad, break into their house, assist it in making an escape and hope that someone who resides in Australia loves rodents and steals it. 
  • I considered purchasing little girl baby clothes (which were polka dot, obviously) yesterday when we don't have children and I'm not even pregnant. Haaaha!
  • I'm just like my father in that one of my biggest pet peeves is when people chew with their mouths open. I mean come on, people! Who the hell wants to listen to your lips smacking and see the soggy food tumbling around your yap? Not me. That's a whole new level of yucky.
  • I'm a girlie girl who likes make-up, sparkles and the color pink...if you don't like that then by all means, PLEASE keep your miserable sparkle hating comments to yourself.
  • I LOVE the smell of burnt matches and blown out birthday candles. If they could capture that smell and make it into a perfume, I'd seriously buy it. Just as I'd buy Pine-Sol perfume if there were such a thing. I know this is weird but it's true. Haha!
  • I am PETRIFIED of jelly fish. Hence why I don't go swimming at the beach in England. It's infested with the nasty little buggers!
  • I've shamelessly taken pictures of my brand spakin' new hair-do (courtesy of my hair dressing friend, Mel! Thanks petal, I love it!) and posted them all over every single social networking site I'm a part of (and now my blog...)

Well that's all for me this Wednesday! I hope you all enjoy your 4th of July celebrations! Be  sure to stay safe and smile too much.
God bless the USA, my home sweet home :)


  1. I'm obsessed with polka dots too! Happy 4th from NC!

  2. your hair looks amazing!
    And I have something that may rock your life... do you know demetre fragrances? You can get them at sephora, ulta, amazon, etc. I have pretty much all of them. Anyhow check this one out: http://www.demeterfragrance.com/704112/products/Holy-Smoke.html
    It's the smell of smoke! But nice candle smoke, not forest fire lol!

    And the pine is sooo close to pinesol.

    I'm sorry you're missing out on the USA independence day celebrations. Maybe next year you can plan a trip home around that time and get in on some of the (other) red, white & blue! :)

  3. Your hair is so pretty!! I buy baby clothes all the time and I'm not pregnant either...but I will be prepared!!
    I can NEVER say no to ice cream!!
    Happy 4th. :)

  4. I can totally relate to the missing out on 4th of July festivities (and any other American holiday, for that matter)! I live in Abu Dhabi where there are most definitely no fireworks, parades, or cookouts going on today. Happy 4th from one expat to another! :)

  5. I heart your hair! Just saw it on Instagram :) Happy 4th of July honey! Sending you big hugs from the states :)

  6. I LOVE your hair. I get to go on Friday for a fresh cut and highlights and I can't wait!! I need it so bad. I look awful right now. haha! And I too love the smell of blown out matches. That and a box of brand new crayons. I will stand in Target and sniff them for 20 minutes. I'm a weirdo :-) SO happy that you in-laws helped you feel patriotic yesterday though!! Just think...next year you can celebrate for real!!!!


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