Apartment 106

The reality that the hubby and I are only weeks away from the big move across the pond is really starting to sink in. Yesterday we handed our keys to our landlord and waved a final goodbye to our first home as husband and wife, the lovely Apartment 106. 
I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a bit sad as I sat one last time on the couch, completely exhausted, stomach grumbling and stinking of yellow rubber cleaning gloves, looking around an empty and vacant apartment. An apartment that was once full of color, family photos and, of course, Yankee Candles. It was now completely void of all personality or prized possessions. It felt naked, it felt sad, it felt like the end of an era. And as Carl drove away with his father in a car filled with our lives in bags and suitcases, I locked the door one last time. And the truth of the matter is that if my mother-in-law hadn't been there with me, I probably would have shed a tear. 

Although I know our life in America will be exciting and full of adventures, the place we buy our first family home, where I get my first teaching job, Carl drives his first car, where we finally get to have our proper wedding, our beautiful babies and the opportunity to make loads of new and wonderful memories... it's still scary. Moving across the world, although it's back to the place I've always called home, the place that's best for mine and Carl's future, it's unbelievably nerve racking. It's hard. It's stressful. It's emotionally draining. And it's certainly not easy to say goodbye to one home - a fast paced city where we're surrounded by our beautiful English family and friends - and wave hello to a new one - a slower, more simple country living in the beautiful state of Vermont where the number of cows outnumber the people, and where we have to start ALL over again. There are so many dynamics to consider, so many people to say goodbye to, so many immigration forms to complete, so much money to spend on flights and extra baggage, so many butterflies in my tummy, so many tears to cry. But still, although we've said goodbye to our Apartment 106, I am beyond excited to say hello to our next home. A place where, like our first, we'll make wonderful memories we'll never forget.
They say that home is where the heart is and I'm so glad that Carl and I are following ours.
It takes courage and strength to say goodbye to somewhere you were established and so comfortable, a place filled with loved ones and friends, in order to go somewhere and start all over again. Trust me, I knew that the moment I stepped on the plane in 2008. But Carl and I know that regardless of how the Atlantic Ocean will try to burden our hearts with distance, we're stronger than that. And our friends and family are stronger than that too. 

All of this will be worth it. Just you wait and see.
We are so very excited for what our future holds.

Thanks for reading, guys.
Lots of love, love, love.


  1. Your first apartment was so beautiful!
    And I really admire you both! Moving across the small state of Utah has been such a struggle for me... I can't imagine moving across the ocean! But it will be an exciting new chapter in your lives! I can't wait to follow your journey through this blog :)

  2. Such a bittersweet moment! It's never easy to say goodbye to what was your life for so many years, but it's hard to not be excited about the future. I'm sure you have amazing memories to remember fondly and it's fun to think about your future too! Have a great move.


  3. I know it's a bittersweet time for you! It sounds like you have so much excitement ahead!

  4. what a bittersweet moment...but also such an exciting adventure that's beginning for you guys!


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