Stop and Smell the Roses: Week 17

Happy Wednesday (AND Summer Solstice) lovelies!!! :) 
As it's hump day, I'm doing my weekly ritual of Stopping to Smell the Roses with Mandy and the other lovely ladies. If you haven't yet joined us for the Vlogging fun, please do! We don't bite! ;)
I'm afraid that's all for me today, folks. As I've talked too much in my video (what's new?!) I shall refrain from talking to much in text. Haha! I think a nice relaxing cuppa tea is in order before my tattoo appointment. But I shall be back tomorrow with updates and pictures of the final product! How exciting! :)

Thanks for reading watching today, guys (and make sure you check out my SO WHAT! Wednesday link-up HERE)!
Enjoy the rest of your wonderful Wednesday, and soak up as much of that extra sunshine as possible! :)
Lots of love, love, love,


  1. "Wiffs of yumminess". Haha! You crack me up EVERY time I watch your vlogs. And since you have beautiful hair and skin, I will try anything you recommend. Haha! Although, I have STICK straight hair with no curl. Boo! So boring.
    Adorable blog as always honey!! And YAY FOR FINISHING SCHOOL!!! You must do a much of celebrating this weekend :-)
    P.S. I have a shout out for you on my vlog!

  2. I love tattoos. I have two. I am really loving the white ones and contemplating getting one. Can't wait to see yours after it's all done. So glad you are smiling so much this week!

  3. Ok, so Bents was watching this with me and he kept saying "who dis mommy? who dis?" I was trying to explain to him that you were my blog friend and now he's running around the house yelling "I wike mommy bwog fwiend" LOL! My hair is naturally curly too so I think I should try this stuff you are using! It's such a chore to straighten it so I can totally relate to that!

  4. Congrats on finishing school! You should be smiling from ear to ear because that is a huge accomplishment. So proud of you! I have so many colors of Avon nail polish because I sold Avon for about five years. Every time I would put an order in I would get a couple of colors for myself. I don't have horribly curly hair, but I do have a natural wave to my hair that comes out. Especially when it is humid. I don't have anything to help tame the wave, but I do use a heat protection spray from Herbal Essences that I love.


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