Sometimes and Always #8

Sometimes: I impatiently count down the days until I have some time off where I can do absolutely nothing. Sleep in late. Neglect the laundry. Be lazy and lounge around. 
Always: I find that by noon on those lazy days I'm bored out of my MIND and end up either tidying, froofing, or a baking some kind of Pinterest goody that I don't need and will inevitably make my butt grow.

Speaking of Pinterest...

Sometimes: I spend hours every week pinning all kinds of  fantabulous DIY ideas/teaching resources/ recipes. Currently I've got over 3,000 pins. For cereal. Ridonculous? Yes. Can I stop? No. 
Always: I never actually have the extra time to make/use/bake any of those fantabulous idea's I've drooled over.  In fact, if I used the time I spend pinning  actually DOING some of my previously pinned ideas I may actually get somewhere. But instead, I obsess over adding to my ever growing pin dictionary of amazingness. Achieving a whole lot of nothing. Wishing there were more hours in a day. I need help.
Sometimes: I buy expensive tanning lotion with the intention of religiously applying it and transforming myself into a beach bronzed beauty.
Always: I find that I don't have the patience to apply that gooey orange smelly crap on a weekly let alone daily basis, and my ambition to have a "healthy glow" goes straight out the window. I find that most of the time I'm happy to rock the snow white pasty look versus the streaky orange Oompa Loompa glow because I just can't be bothered. Haha. Besides, the smell of fake tan reminds me of digestive biscuits and compost and I can't stand how it stains my clothes.

P.S. I'll probably offend some people here with my loud mouth but it's my party so I'll complain if I want to. Ha! Here it goes...Am I the only person who thinks guys who wear fake tan look like complete bone heads? If Carl wore fake tan I'd probably laugh in his face til I peed my pants, just as I'd laugh if he plucked his eyebrows and waxed his chest. Boys, take note. Your masculinity is dwarfed when your hairless orange chest is on display and your eyebrows are more groomed than my own. That is all. 
Sometimes: I go to bed early with the intention of 'catching up' on my beloved sleep.
Always: I wake up the next morning even more tired than had I gone to bed really late. I'm like a walking zombie. How can that be?!

Sometimes: I laugh out loud at inappropriate things like hitting one of my students in the forehead head with a glue stick or when I witnessed a man walk into a shop window which he thought was an automatic door. BAHA!
Always: I feel really guilty and wonder if I'm a bad person. Then I laugh hysterically when I tell the story to someone else (like I am now) and confirm that clearly I really am a bad person. 

Sometimes: I find myself the Procrastination Queen - putting off horrible 10,000 word essays like it's going out of style. 
Always: Come the time it's due I curse the day I was born and kick myself for being such a dweeb.
Sometimes: I make a yummy homemade pizza sauce from my favorite recipe. Which has onions, obviously. Which I puréed so Carl didn't notice. Because he's a dork and hates them and because I'm sneaky. 
Always: He tells me how 'lovely' my pizza is shaking his head in approval and giving me the thumbs up. Haaaaha. Success. Proof onions make things taste better and he's an ignoramus. Hehe!

What are your Sometimes and Always? Linke up with us here and share!  :)
Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday, my beautiful blog friends!
Lots of love, love, love,


  1. I'm seriously laughing out loud at your onion comments. That is totally something I would do. I started sneaking in ground turkey for ground beef. John tells me how good it is, but if you ask him he doesn't like ground turkey! Little does he know :)

    1. Haha I love it, Jen! Men are silly! They claim to despise certain foods which, unknown to them, we always put in their meals. It's all in their minds! xoxo

  2. Hahahaha, ahhhh, I love that you puree the onions so that he won't know! My husband doesn't like them either and I finely chop them so that he won't be able to tell. He always likes it, even with the onions in it! Victory!! Haha.

    Thanks for linking up with me!

  3. Love your sometimes and always! Very cute blog looking forward to following!

  4. OKay...I SWORE last week that I was going to link up but I didn't. Boo me! But I am linking up next week. COUNT ME IN SISTA! And I am so with you about the fake tans on guys. NO BUENO. They just never look right. I think all men need to discard fake tans and skinny jeans....just saying. Ha!

    Great post doll! You know I always love reading these :-)


  5. Hahahaha this is a good one . I hate tanned and plucked boys too ! and I always sneak food into my meals because joe is exactly the same as Carl haha xx

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