SO WHAT! Wednesday #4

Well folks, I'm back for more! I'm linking up again with Shannon on this Wednesday evening and saying SO WHAT! if...
  • I want to cry when I look around our first house that no longer looks like a home. As I sit on our couch there are no cushions, or family photos, or twinkle lights. It is completely naked, Carl & Amandaless and depressing. I really can't believe  that on Friday we move out of the first home we shared together as husband and wife. And in less than a month we'll be back in Vermont starting the next chapter of our lives. While I'm SO excited to go back to my home, I feel absolutely miserable thinking about leaving our English family and friends. I hate goodbyes.
  • I may have painted more of my body today than I did the walls...yes that includes my big toe, arms and eyebrow.
  • I'm too lazy to take a shower to wash all of that paint off.
  • I'm too exhausted (and covered in paint) to film my Stop and Smell the Roses vlog today. I'm sorry girls! But I'll be back next week, I promise!) 
  • I have WAY too many pairs of shoes and I'm finding it especially hard to part with them.
  • My favorite TV Channel is currently Food Network.
  • I yell at the tennis players while watching Wimbledon.
  • I think my husband is sexy...even as he sits next to me blowing his snotty allergy prone nose.
  • People who constantly piss and moan on Facebook annoy me. 
  • People who constantly air their dirty laundry on Facebook annoy me.
  • I sometimes daydream about what it would be like to win the lottery. I'd buy houses in England, Vermont, Florida and Texas for the hubs and I, both of our parents and my baby Sheester. I'd spend my days baking cupcakes for all of my friends and family, open and design my very own school (obviously equipped with tons of polka dots) and have loads and loads of babies. OH, and once a month spend an entire day wondering around Kleinfeld's Bridal. 
  • I am desperately craving another piece of that toasted coconut lemon curd cake I had last week. In fact, tonight I've even contemplated breaking a window at Cuthbert's Bakehouse just to get one...
  • I HATE the smell of those nasty ass Prawn Cocktail crisps Carl eats. Gag. A. Maggot.
  • I have to refrain from screaming at the ignorant men who spit all over the sidewalks in Liverpool. DIDN'T YOUR MOTHER'S TEACH YOU ANY DAMN MANNERS?!
  • I want a baby even more this week than I did last.
What are you saying SO WHAT! to this week? Join us and share! :)
Lots of love, love, love,


  1. Just ran across your blog, because you and I have some similar followers...and because you may HAVE MY NAME!! lol

    Cute blog!!
    Amanda aka asquared

  2. Missed you yesterday for SSTR! Sorry you're having a bit of a rough time with your move :( hugs!

  3. Amanda, I absolutely adore these posts from you.
    I can just hear your accent saying it all! & it makes me so sad that I probably won't see you before you fly away :( xx


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