SO WHAT! Wednesday #3

Well folks, I'm back for more! I'm linking up again with Shannon on this Summer Solstice Wednesday and saying SO WHAT! if...
  • The hubby and I are beginning to move out of our apartment on Saturday morning and I still haven't packed a damn thing.
  • This is my second link-up of the day.
  • I attempted to rescue a baby bumble bee this morning (who was frantically buzzing around our window like he was a running drunk man) by capturing him in a cup, and releasing him out of the window...only I accidentally squished him during the whole capturing in a cup part. Am I going to hell now?
  • I ate 2 Oreo's dipped in Nutella for breakfast.
  • I WANT A BABY!!!
  • I have a secret infatuation with the show Cash Cowboys on the History channel. How very old man of me.
  • I haven't cleaned the mirror in our bathroom for over a month.
  • I prefer the I'm Sexy and I Know It song sung by Elmo (If you haven't yet seen this...click HERE because it is seriously life changing).
  • I will be wearing polka dot high heels on our American wedding day.
  • I don't really like eating meat. I'd happily survive on just fruit, veggies, chocolate and artisan bread. 
  • I can't stand Kim Kardashian and I hope her fake hair catches on fire...Okay, so that's a bit violent and I take that back. But I do hope paparazzi capture the moment a bird shits right on her big head and the pictures are broadcast all around the world. Bahaha! 
  • I totally drool when watching Cupcake Wars on Food Network. In fact, I'm drooling now just thinking about it. Anyone wanna bring me a cupcake? Please? Anyone?
  • I purposely ignore phone calls from any number that doesn't correspond to a person in my phone book.
  • I plan to do absolutely nothing  productive tonight. I might even take a nice long bubble bath and read a book.  
What are you saying SO WHAT! to this week? Join us and share! :)
(also, don't forget to check out today's Stop and Smell the Roses vlog!) 


  1. It IS the summer solstice, I had to check my calendar... isn't today the day that you can balance an egg on it's side and it won't fall over?

    Ok yes I get in the most trouble watching cupcake wars too! I LOVE cupcakes so so much. Pretty much everything on food network makes me hungry

  2. I workout to Cupcake Wars all the time - producative right?? hehe

    I would love to send you a cupcake - I just made strawberry/cherry/white chocolcate chip cupcakes for my daughters cheer performance!

    Love your blog you have a new follwoer!

  3. I love the elmo version of Im sexy & I know it!Such a great post...


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