Show Us Your Life: Kitchens

Ever since I first started this blog I have religiously followed Kelly. A lot of you other bloggers will already know who she is and probably religiously follow her as well, but for those of you who are sat there scratching your head...check her out! She's got the two most adorable little girls, Hollis and Harper, and I absolutely LOVE reading about her life. Kelly also inspires me to someday  *fingers crossed* become a stay at home blogging Mommy making a living out of my Mommy/wife/lover-of-life ramblings. We'll see if that ever happens, but it's my goal/dream and regardless of my pathetic 5'1 size, I am a fighter. A fighter! Determination runs in my blood - I'm like a pit bull, people! Pit Bull! Okay, so that was a lie. I'm not very Pit Bullish, but I am determined. And off topic. And now I'm rambling so, for your best interests and mine, lets move on...

Ahem. Okay. I'm better.

For what seems like forever, Kelly has hosted her Show Us Your Life link-up and provided bloggers the opportunity to share about themselves, meet new people and make new friends. Previous SUYL topics have included Crockpot Recipes, Favorite Blogs, Wedding Planning, and even difficult and sometimes heartbreaking topics like Mom's Who Have Lost Children and Military Families. For donkeys years I have wanted to join in this link-up, but life selfishly hogged my time and I just never could get around to it. But not this time, my friends! Not. this. time. I have patiently waited until the right moment to pounce, and now (in the middle of a massive PGCE portfolio and essay deadline) certainly feels like such a moment. (What? You don't procrastinate? Well, I do). So, without further adieu, Kelly's latest SUYL topic (keep in mind this is the "Home Tour" version) and my first link-up is...drum roll please (even though you already know from reading the post title it's still fun to drum roll, so I'm gonna do it)....budda budda budda budda budda BUM: Kitchens! 

Now, it's important I point out that while this is currently my kitchen, and has been for the past 2 years, within a month it will not be. Don't worry, this makes me sad too. My adoration of cooking has meant that I've really enjoyed having a fancy-pants stainless steel backsplash, fancy-pants granite counter top and a fancy-pants electric glass stove top (which is now cracked and needs replacing after a vindictive glass jar of cinnamon took the plunge from the spice cupboard...but that's a whole other rant so again, for your best interests and mine, let's move on). I know that this really isn't the biggest kitchen and although the entirely open plan thing has been fun, I'm excited to have my long-term kitchen be more warm and cosy. And while I haven't got the foggiest idea when we'll find our house/kitchen once we're settled into our new Vermont home, I can assure you that the little knick-knacks, abundance of cookbooks, vintage signs and glass flour, cocoa powder and confectioners sugar containers will join in the fun. 

So please, pop your feet up and enjoy a tour (albeit small) of our current fancy-pants kitchen :)
Welcome to the Anderson household! 
That fancy-pants EXPENSIVE PAIN IN THE BUM stove I was talking about.
I have about 3 times as many cookbooks as you see here,  but many of them have already been shipped back home. Oh, and I'm super proud of that light. I made it myself! Whoop Whoop!

My little baking hot spot. The little cupcake container was given to me by my baby Sheester and houses my brown sugar. I love it. I also love my little cocoa powder, confectioners sugar and flour glass jars. SO practical and pretty!
Flour jar up close. Because I'm 'artsy' like that. Ha!
Cocoa Powder and Confectioners Sugar.
My favorite sign.  Anyone who knows me well knows that previous to becoming a teacher I went to Culinary School at the New England Culinary Institute (NECI) and I LOVE to bake/cook. As a 21st birthday present my Mom and Dad offered to get me one of these KitchenAid mixers (I've wanted one since I was like 9 years old. No joke. I ADORE them) but I resisted the temptation and kindly declined as I knew I'd be spending at least another 2 years in England and it was pointless such a perfect machine sitting - unused - in a box for so long. This is my next best thing while I'm KitchenAidless. But as soon as I've got some money saved up that is my FIRST splurge once we're back home. I want a baby blue or yellow one. I'll have it one day. You watch.  Uhoh, the Pit Bull is comin' back out...
Looking at it from the other direction.
One thing I can't STAND about our kitchen is that the microwave is so low. The amount of hot liquids I've spilt on my twinkle toes because of that stupid positioning? Too many. Drives me NUTS!
Another one of my lovely signs, adorable red cannisters given to us by Carl's Nana and Granddad, the best chocolate spread EVER invented and a fresh pineapple I'm eating for snack later.
Nana and Granddad's cannisters again - minus the spiky pineapple.
Another one of my signs. Representing my Green Mountain State! ILOVERMONT! Ha!
Although these two signs weren't up for these photos (they've been packed away and I had to dig them out of a box so I could show you) they're two of my favs and I wanted to make sure they weren't left out. Because that wouldn't be fair. If you haven't noticed yet, I have a thing for quirky signs. 
My Mama-in-law got me this little tea bag holder. It's SO adorable, and obviously it's covered in polka dots.
And the hubby bought me this ADORABLE tea pot (which reminds me of Mrs. Potts in Beauty and the Beast. Haha!)  It was the first thing he bought for our house and it's very special to me :) 
I may have serious OCD issues, but one thing I can't stand is a boring and bare refrigerator. I hate when they're naked. They just look so overexposed, miserable and depressed (yes, I know they're not real people). I spruce mine up with LOTS of family pictures ( my favorite one being my Mom and Dad's wedding picture down at the bottom. Seriously, how CUTE?) a calendar made by some of my previous students, a card from little Ava, my Grandpa's memorial verse and my teacher's magnet from my Mama-in-law. 
Well folks, I'm afraid that's all she wrote. I sincerely hope you've enjoyed my little kitchen tour, and if you're interested in seeing other people's make sure you pop onto Kelly's blog and take a look! I'm excited to procrastinate some more by scrolling through everyone elses. Ha!


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