Friday's Letters

Dear Jenn Smith,
That email that you sent me last week was one of the sweetest I've ever received and it made me cry happy/touched/thankful/overwhelmed/appreciative tears. You don't know this, but that was the first email I've got from a 'blog follower' and I'm so glad you've given me permission to share it now. 

My name is Jenn Smith and I just wanted to share with you how much I love your blog and what it means to me and how you “make me smile.” I hope I don’t come off creepy or anything but allow me to explain please. I am currently home bound due to an auto-immune disease/chronic pain condition. I have lots of time to spend with myself so thus lots of time to spend on the internet. I don’t remember now how I came to your blog but it was on one of your vlog days and it was so stinking funny and I loved to hear the stories about “your kids.”
Let me also explain life before my illness. I was a nanny and pre-school teacher. It was my life. I loved teaching and loved my kids. Always called mine and when I was dating guys always wondered about me saying mine but they seem like yours as you well understand. I just knew that was the direction the Lord was sending me in some form or fashion. Long story short I’m happily married and we don’t have children. Since I have been sick I have obtained my Associates Degree in Early Childhood so when the Lord heals me I’ll be ready to go. So needless to say life has not turned out like I had planned but I don’t think it really does for any of us completely.
Your blog makes me smile. I love to hear your stories about your teaching, about your family; just your zest for life is contagious. Thanks for blogging and making me smile and hope you don’t find me creepy for dropping you an email.

 I want you to know how happy it makes me to know that my ramblings are able to offer you joy and make you smile. Your unbelievably kind words have really encouraged me to continue sharing my life with others and to continue blogging. 
Thank you so much for taking the time to write to me (by the way, I'm in the process of writing back to your latest email. Haha that cake batter ice cream was serious food porn girlfriend!) I've also favorited your emails and put it in a special folder so that I can keep them. I know that your kindness towards others, determination to make your dreams come true and desire to inspire children will make you one of the best teachers around. Keep positive and reach for the stars. I'm hopeful that we'll be able to become friends. 
I wish you the best of luck and I want you to know that YOU make ME smile too!
Take care honey,
Amanda xoxoxo

Dear Husband,
This afternoon, as I watched you licking your wedding ring I had to fight the urge to laugh out loud (because letting you know you're doing something funny makes you act even more dippy and I didn't want to give you that satisfaction. Hahaha!) Anyway, because my Facebook status about this incident pretty much sums up our relationship, I'm going to share it now, on my blog, so that I can look back years from now and laugh. I also hope our children read this someday and realize how much of a dork their father is. 

I look over at Carl and see him licking his wedding ring. The following conversation actually took place:
Me: Baby, what the hell are you doing? 
Carl: Cleaning me ring.
Me: Seriously? You're cleaning it by licking it? You think spit is going to clean it?
Carl: Well, how do you think cats get clean?
Me: Umm...you're not a cat and get some soap.

Bahaha it still makes me laugh now. I love you SO MUCH I don't know how I haven't popped. You make me smile, every single day, and your dorkiness helps to make our life rich and never boring. I feel so lucky to be your wife.
You're pretty much the best thing since Nutella. MWAH
Dear Sour Cream Coffee Cake,
You're KILLIN' me, smalls! Hurry the hell up and cool already! That sweet cinnamon smell you're wafting around the house is making me drool. Everywhere. Which is about un-ladylike as you can get, so chillax and get in my belly already. 
P.S. Blog friends, if the smell of this coffee cake is anything to go by, it's gonna taste epic. So you may wanna click the recipe link above and bookmark that bad boy! I'll rate it's yumminess in my next blog post. Stay tuned.
Dear UEFA European Football Championship,
Get OFF of my stinkin' television! I understand boys will be boys and they need their sports, but this is getting ridonculous. I'm sick of football. It's summer. Go away now! I look forward to these months because I want to indulge in a bit of Say Yes to the Dress or Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. You're being evicted. See ya later.  

Dear Self,
You need to lay off this 'I want a baby!' stuff for at least another year. You can do it, I know you can. Be strong and remember why you're waiting. Your dream wedding is next October, after that it's baby time. Just count down the days til the honeymoon ;)


  1. Husbands do the silliest things, don't they? Mine doesn't take his socks off with his hands. Nope. Instead he uses the floor to rub his socks off. So Lazy!


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