Stop and Smell the Roses: Week 14

Happy Wednesday, lovelies! 

I'm sure by now all of you are well aware of what Wednesday's bring, but because I'm a blabber mouth I'm gonna ramble a bit about it anyway. Hump Days are the one day of the week where I Stop and Smell the Roses with Mandy and the other lovely ladies involved in this fantabulous link-up. It's a little  down time where I ponder the things that have been making me smile throughout the previous week. If you haven't yet joined in the fun, you definitely should. I promise you won't regret it! :)
So, this week you'll be happy to know that I've timed my dinner around this vlog in an attempt to keep me from unnecessarily rambling for over 5 mins...AGAIN! In other words, I put my homemade veggie pizza in the oven and sat down to film the vlog so that if I didn't quit my yapping in less than 5 mins it would burn. Bahaha! Drastic measures, sure, but ya know what? It worked! SUCCESS!!! Boom-chicka-bow-wow! Hopefully in the near future I'll not have to threaten myself with potentially burning my dinner, but hey, it's a leap in the right direction. We're making progress, people! We're making progress! :)

Well folks, I hate to love and leave you but I'm running away to rescue my pizza. After I've filled my belly I look forward to putting my feet up (seriously, after the day I've had I deserve a lazy night. Let's put it this way, I actually had to use the phrases "Excuse me! Stop poking Lucas in the eye with your bubble wand!!" and "We do NOT bite our socks and lick our legs during  carpet time!"  and "If you don't stop eating Ruby's hair..." Yep. Ya feelin' me now?) I'm excited to watch all of your lovely vlogs :)

I hope you're all enjoying a wonderful Wednesday! 
Thanks so much for stopping by!
Lots of love, love, love,


  1. Now wait a minute, no Reese's cups?! Heck no! That just isn't right! So you are moving back to the US? Do you know where you are headed yet? Am I being crazy nosey? Absolutely! Loved your vlog again this week!

  2. I could tell right away that you got some color! Looks great! And I use similar wax strips. They are a must! Heating up wax and all that jazz is too much work.

  3. Reeses Cups...MY FAV! Actually P Man is sitting here watching this video with me and now he is demanding I go to the gas station to get him a Reeses! Ha! It will be bitter sweet leaving your classroom, but I am sure good things will come my friend! Are you moving back to the States? If so, can you move to IL so we can be IRL friends? Pretty PLEASE!!! Love your rosette necklace too!

  4. Oh honey...I COMPLETELY Understand how hard it is to leave a class, although I imagine that leaving little ones is a lot harder than leaving the big ones like I do. Haha! They are all probably just as sad as you because you seem like a WONDERFUL teacher :-) Hang in there honey...we can have an emotional text session when you are done.

    So...LOVE LOVE LOVE the rosette necklace on you!! The length looks great with that shirt, but I still think you need to send it back with the Shortbreads and let me shorten it for you with my mom's handy tools :-) I could always mail it back with some Hershey's syrup this time. hahaha! Glad you found Reeses though! I like to eat a package of those with a cold glass of milk. YUM!!!

    Adorable vlog as always my dear. And I think your burn looks like a lovely tan today! Lucky you. I am either red or freckled :-) Text me tomorrow dear!


  5. I can't believe you haven't had Reeses Cups these past few years! I love them! Congratulations on finishing everything up!


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