Stop and Smell the Roses: Week 11

Yay, everybody! It's Wednesday! And not only does that mean it's time to Stop and Smell the Roses with Mandy and the other lovely ladies, but if you look hard you'll be able to see a bit of light at the end of the tunnel. The weekend is near! Hallelujah! 

To be blunt, my stomach is growling nonstop and I could quite easily eat a horse... which totally makes sense as it's 7:30pm here in England and I've still not enjoyed my yummy supper of tomato soup and grilled cheese. So, because I'm wasting away I'm going to keep this post pretty much rant-free and let my vlog do the talking.
For my fellow American's here's the link to a good recipe for homemade Scottish Shortbread. (it only uses 4 ingredients, which you'll have in your cupboard anyway - get baking and bust out the Nutella people!!!)
Also, here's that YouTube video for Lana Del Rey that I promised. Seriously download her album if you can. I've got it and it's AWESOME! :)

Happy Wednesday, lovelies! :)
Thanks for reading!
Lots of love,love,love,


  1. "Craptastic"...hehe! I think we both used "crap" in our vlogs this week! Too funny! I have never heard of Lana Del Rey, but I do kinda like her! Thanks for introducing me! Would you believed me if I said I have never tasted Nutella? I really need to stop living in a bubble. :)

    1. MANDY!!! First Pandora, now Nutella. If you lived within a quick car drive of me I would be at your doorstep with a giant container TONIGHT.

    2. FOR REAL!!! Mando you need to get some Nutella ASAP!!

  2. I love listening to your voice. Anyways, I think we can get those shortbread cookies in the US, but only around Christmas. That is the only time I have seen them anyways. We had a couple of boxes around here during the holidays.

  3. You are too pretty! I love your remedy for craptastic days! However, if that were true I too would have eaten an entire box of shortbread cookies and the nutella on my finger! These things do not help my diet lady! So glad to see your pretty face I hope all is well :)

  4. How do you always look so glowy!?! Your cheeks and lips and eyes are so perfect. And your hair. Princess Amanda :)

    I, too, share the Nutella love. I keep a jar in my house at all times. Nutella gelato is one of my favorite things to make when I pull out our ice cream maker!!

  5. OKay so I just did a little search to see how I can get those Scottish shortbreads and I'm not having luck girl. But now that you showed them to me I can't get them OUT OF MY HEAD!!! YUMM!!!!! I may just have to settle for our standard oreos tonight :-) And thanks for the shout out...i heart you.

    So glad your craptastic day cleared up. I think texting each other until the wee hours of the night helped. Ha! Here's to a FABULOUS weekend!! I will send you lots of texts and pictures of our dinner date in the city. Wish you guys could double date with us! One day soon :-) xoxo

  6. I'm loving Lana Del Ray as of lately and this is definitely one of my favorites!

  7. Shortbread cookies, Nutella, and you've lost 2 pounds this week?! You, my friend, are a rockstar!! :) Like Mandy, I've never tried Nutella, mostly because I'm scared I'll become addicted, and I still have some weight to lose! :)

  8. I am now really really hungry after watching your vlog. I don't have any shortbread cookies or nutella in the house so it looks like vanilla ice cream and chocolate chips will have to do!


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