Sometimes and Always #7

Sometimes: I forget to restock the stash of tissues in my purse.
Always: While out perusing the great wide word, I find myself  the victim of the most embarrassing sneezing fit or contract a fast acting beastly cold which results in an orchestra of snot sniffles. Spending an entire train ride putting every ounce of effort towards damming the snot river inside ones nose is SO unattractive. Fact.

Sometimes: I wish I could take back all of my mistakes.
Always: I remember that if it weren't for those mistakes I wouldn't be the person that I am today. Mistakes help us to grow and become better people. They're miracles in disguise. 

Sometimes: I watch somebody eat a nice juicy hamburger topped with crisp vegetables and melted cheese and desperately wish I liked them.
Always: The smell of hamburger cooking (unless it's covered in taco seasoning) makes me want to vomit. It smells like rotten feet and burning blood. Blugh. Blugh. Blugh. Blugh... I'll be right back...
Sometimes: I think I might like to try some sugar or honey in my tea.
Always: I'm disgusted by the overpowering sweetness and rekindle my 'milk only, please!' spirit. 

Sometimes: I wish I had the guts to tell the old friends/shit heads that I gave too much of my heart, time and effort to to kiss my ass. 
Always: I realize that in doing that I'd be just as much of a shit head as they were. I don't need to stoop to the insensitive level of those immature and selfish people in order to make a point. I'd rather take the high road and go my separate way. I know that in doing that I'm the better person and better friend.

Sometimes: I ponder what it would be like to be a cat or a cow . Trouble and stress free - just munching, lounging around and enjoying the company of other cows and cats.
Always: I realize that I'm actually wasting my precious brain cells in contemplating something so utterly RIDONCULOUS - I mean come on, being a cat or a cow? - and I feel frightened that in my mid 20s I may already be losing my mind.
Sometimes: I attempt to go to the beach wearing only low(ish) SPF sunblock. 
Always: I come home looking like a lobstah! 

Sometimes: I think about what Carl and I will look like as a pair of 80 year oldie's who have been married for 60 some-odd years. 
Always: I laugh out loud as I picture him poking me with his cane (just to annoy me, obviously) while I scream 'leave me alone ya miserable bugger!'  and curse the day he was born. I also know that we'll still have to kiss each other 5 times in a row each night before we can fall asleep and I don't feel so scared about growing old.

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Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday, my beautiful blog friends!
Lots of love, love, love,


  1. There are lots of days I wish I could take back my mistakes! You're so right though, they made me who I am! :)

  2. Amanda! Hahah I love your cat day dreams! Sometimes I do so too! I found you through the link up today! Check out my post!

  3. Girl...I wish I could drink tea. I try and TRY and just can't do it. I'm a coffee girl. So I guess my Sometimes and Always would be...I sometimes want to be a tea drink, but ALWAYS dump out the tea and brew a cup of coffee. haha!

    I really need to start linking up with you for this because it is always so fun to read!! And I know that sunburn probably hurts, but you look so gorgeous with your "summer glow". xoxo


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