Sometimes and Always #6

Sometimes: I find myself in awkward professional circumstances where I'd like to full on boot rude, arrogant, mean people in the ass.
Always: I realize that if I value my career I must forfeit my job as 'rude people ass booter.' So, in an attempt to make myself feel better when dealing with such dreadful human beings I call them potty words in my head and laugh at what they'd look like getting pooped on by a bird. How very mature of me.

Sometimes: I 100% cannot be bothered making dinner when I get home.
Always: I find that on days where I convince myself to stop being lazy, take the time and make the effort to whip up a home cooked meal it's SO worth it.  I dunno if it's because there's something entirely gratifying about having made your entire dinner from scratch or that 'healthy feeling' that comes with knowing exactly what's in your meal (aka chemical and additive free! Score!) 
Exhibit A 
Tonight's dinner of homemade veggie risotto.  It was scrumdiddlyumptious if I do say so myself.
Sometimes: I feel like I get so consumed in my own stressful deadlines and daily happenings that I completely neglect my friends.
Always: We make time for each other and pick right up where we last left off. I love that I have been blessed with such amazing amigos who are always there no matter what. It's special relationships like those that keep me humble, grounded and content. 

Sometimes: My eyes are too big for my belly.
Always: I'm still hungry if I consciously try to make 'small' portions. It's probably all in my head.

Sometimes: I find myself desperately wanting to plunge into another new book - there's nothing I love more than being completely consumed in a good read. Problem is: I struggle to find the time in this entirely hectic life I'm leading at the moment.
Always: At some stage I force myself to make a little time for a new book, even if I know that realistically I won't be able to finish it right away (this cleanses my soul. For cereal. Is that weird?) And 99.9% of the time the best books I read are those that have been recommended to me by friends. 
Exhibit B 
The Secret by Rhonda Byrne (thanks Toni and Emily!) Although I haven't finished it, it's pretty damn good up until now. I fully intend to write a blog post reviewing it when I turn that last page, so stay tuned!
Sometimes: I stress myself out WAY more than I need to and end up dreaming about weird things like forks chasing me or children eating my lesson plans. 
Always: I've come to the realization that I have in fact overreacted, given myself 800 unnecessary grey hairs and given birth to 3-7 new stress wrinkles. Hindsight is a beautiful thing people.

Sometimes: When I'm cuddling with Carl I find a family of belly button fuzz about to embark on an adventure from his belly button into our bed.
Always: I scream "Ew, Baby! Sort out your fuzz!" and he throws it at me, all the while giggling like a disgusting little boy. Whoda thunk he's nearly 30?

Sometimes: I complain about English weather.
Always: A lovely sunny day with temps in the high 70s (like today) comes along and I find myself admiring how beautiful my English home is and how much I'm going to miss it.
Exhibit C
Today's lunch break with Laura, which we enjoyed in the rose garden in the park across from our school. Lovely jubbly. 
Sometimes: I catch my little Kindergartner's eating their boogers, sneezing all over each other, itching their butts and picking at old scabs. It's soon after I shout at them to stop that I make the mental note to: avoid hugs for the rest of the day in an attempt to steer clear of the dreaded Germs germs germs germs...
Always: I completely ignore my own warnings and within 5 minutes have found myself the recipient of approximately 8,859,857 hugs. I just love all of my little kiddos too much not to hug them back. They're little gems, every single one.

Well, that's it for me today! I hope you're all enjoying your Tuesday! 
Thanks for stopping by, guys!
Lots of love, love, love,


  1. Is the secret really good? I have it but never ever read it. Think it could be put on my 'recovery' list!
    Also, these posts & Friday Letters are my favourite.
    Miss you Manda xx

    1. It is really good hun, very positive and uplifting! :)

      Awww, thanks for such a sweet comment. I'm glad you enjoy my posts hunny bunch :)
      Miss you too Laurenzo xxxx


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