Sometimes and Always #4

Sometimes: I forget I have sensitive teeth.
Always: I guzzle down scorching hot tea or bite into a bitterly cold popsicle. I then spend the next 5 minutes clutching my mouth in absolute agony. The putz that I am never learns, and I do it again the very next day.
Sometimes: I convince myself I don't need any more teaching stickers. 
Always: I find some hot deal, lie to myself (in the form of some ridiculous made up story about how the world might end tomorrow so I MUST create my stockpile today) and indulge in the childlike happiness of purchasing yet another sheet. I'm officially addicted to stickers. I need rehab. 

Sometimes: I get all caught up in the big bad (egotistical) world of page views and number of 'followers.'
Always: Just as I begin to get discouraged and sad about my 'blog ratings' I'm reminded that it's quality not quantity. I love my followers, and although the number isn't anywhere near the hundreds, I know that my blog groupies are the very best in the whole wide world. You rock.
Sometimes: I wish I were taller (especially when I'm crawling on the kitchen counter to reach the freakin' cinnamon).
Always: Carl tells me how he thinks my 'littleness' is cute. Besides, I think I'd rather be too short than too tall. You're more compact that way. Ha. 

Sometimes: I wish time would pass quicker. This usually happens at work, when I'm in traffic, or waiting for a Pap Smear (is that too much info? Dad, if you're reading...I'm sorry).
Always: I sit on NYE, in a champagne induced haze, screaming the big 10 second countdown, wonder where the HELL the last year has gone. Then I get sad and wish I could turn back the hands of time. 

Sometimes: I love my body.
Always: I wish I had smaller boobs. These MOUNTAINS are killing my back. I'll be Quasimoto come time I'm 30. For cereal. I hate them. 
Sometimes: I think I'd like to become a vegetarian.
Always: I smell bacon and (like a pork possessed pervert) eat half a pig. 

Sometimes: I try to teach myself patience by forcing myself to walk behind some old fart who's strolling down the street at negative miles per hour.
Always: I last 7 seconds before I barrel ass past them. This chick doesn't stroll my friends...she power walks! 

Sometimes: I wish it was impossible to have bad days (like today for example. Today was a real doozie. I cried in school and everything. BOO!).
Always: I realize that craptastic days like today happen for a reason. They're learning curves and make us appreciate the good ones that little bit more.

Thanks for reading, guys!
Lots of love, love, love,


  1. ha...I totally feel you on the boobs issue, and just wait until you decide to start a family. Those precious girls that you just knew COULDN'T and WOULDN't get any bigger somehow turn against you & become extra large & in charge!


    1. Oh, Lauren...I DREAD to think of how they could get any bigger when/after I'm pregnant. Lord help me, I'll barely be able to walk! Ha! :( Sometimes I wish there was a 'get smaller' button to push and those bad boys would just melt away! haha

  2. I love stickers, too. I hope tomorrow is a better day, Amanda!

  3. Sometimes I have a bad day.
    Always I look forward to reading what you write!

    1. You're too cute, Mommy. Love you the mostest xoxo

  4. Oh honey...I have been without a phone ALL afternoon so I haven't been able to Whatsapp you or anything!!! It was another craptastic day around here too. Let's fry up a pan of bacon, pour a class of wine and sit and text each other all night tomorrow. Deal? And OMG...I almost choked on my Oreo when you said you "barrel assed" past someone. I heart you. And don't worry...those followers are coming honey! I have been blogging for almost 4 YEARS and I am still under 400 :-)

    1. Heck yes to the bacon and extra blog of wine, Jen! You know how to make a day better (seriously though, Carl and I are having BLT's tomorrow night now because I've been writing/drooling about bacon since this post. Hahaha!)

      Can't wait for our Whastapp date ;) xoxo


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