Sometimes and Always #3

Before we dive right into another episode of Sometimes and Always, I have something very important to say.
 Happy 1st of May to all of my beautiful readers! 
I hope you've all remembered to say 'white rabbit' as soon as you woke up! I definitely didn't. Story of my life. I'm always the bonehead who's one step behind, stomping in some dog poop. True story. Anyway...before we get too carried away with the dog poop talk, I give you this weeks quanderings.
Sometimes: I forget that I have an 'accent.' 
Always: I'm reminded I'm 'SO American!' by a ridiculously enthusiastic English person who want's to tell me all about their family trip to Disney World.

Sometimes: That ridiculously enthusiastic English person asks me where in America I come from...so I tell them Vermont...
Always: They've never ever in a million years heard of Vermont and are utterly shocked to find out it's it's own state! (Gasp!) Over the past 4 years I've learned to say the following when asked where I come from: "I'm from Vermont! But I bet you've never heard of it, so I'll fill ya in on a little secret. It's a tiny state right next to Canada and New York. I'm only about 5 hours from the Big Apple!" ...as soon as NYC is mentioned I get a raised eye brow and an 'Ooooh yeah!' ....half the time I bet they still haven't got the foggiest idea where it is. Haha

Sometimes: I complain about how much I hate Spring - with it's endless rain, nasty mud and half naked trees.
Always: I change my tune soon after the gorgeous flowers begin to pop up. Nothing makes me smile like a field full of sunny yellow daffodils.
Sometimes: I wish I had more money so that I could spend the rest of my 20s travelling around the world.
Always: I remember that money doesn't buy happiness (nor does it simply grow on trees), and if I'm meant to travel it'll happen. After all, I need to be appreciative of the fact I've lived abroad for the past 4 years. Not everyone gets to experience that.

Sometimes: After a hard day, I'm half asleep by time I brush my teeth.
Always: I begin dozing off and stab myself in the cheek or gum with the tip of my toothbrush. I then proceed to swear like a sailor. Never.Fails.

Sometimes: I convince myself I don't really need a dessert after dinner.
Always: I realize I totally do...or I'll die. Okay, so maybe I won't die (that is a bit dramatic) but for my own emotional stability I definitely NEED dessert. Hence last night's yummy goodie - Homemade Macerated Strawberry Shortcake. Yummy in my freakin tummy, people! (and within my WW points too! Winning!) 
Sometimes: I feel like an absolute moron as I make unbelievably dorktastic voices during story time with my little Kindergarteners. 
Always: Their absolute adoration of story time convinces me I must be doing something right. As I read, it warms my heart to see them giggling at the funny voices, pulling sad faces as I fake cry, and shaking in their boots when the evil one comes out the bag. Story time is often my favorite part of the day.

Sometimes: I belt out Coldplay's Clocks or Hootie and the Blowfish's Only Wanna Be With You at the top of my lungs.
Always: Carl stares at me with a look of utter disgust. Based on his reaction, I'm clearly not the next Aretha Franklin. 

And now, because I can't get Hootie outa my head, I'll link the video so it can get stuck in your head too! Definitely one of my favorite songs from my teenage years. A 90's classic!

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Thanks for reading, guys!
Lots of love, love, love,


  1. love this! my favorite might be your experiences as an American living abroad! and you're right...I bet they still have no clue where Vermont is! ha!

  2. Why are you supposed to say "White Rabbit" I have never heard that before? I wish I had more money so I could travel more as well!

  3. I feel you on the traveling thing... I love to travel... oh to have money! hahaha I also love yellow daffodils and that dessert looks amazing. I think we have alot in common :) haha

  4. LOL! Too funny about the responses you get when you try and explain where Vermont is!
    Funnily enough, this New Zealander had no idea either, and had to Google a map! I FAIL at geography, apparently!


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