Sometime and Always #5

Sometimes: I have an unbelievably craptastic week.
Always: I dig my way out of the little rut I'm in and find that the next week is much better. 

Sometimes: I go with my little students on a field trip.
Always: I'm in bed, with a booming headache, by 7:45 that night. Those little buggers can tucker you out like it's nobodies business! But the headache and exhaustion is so worth it when I think about the smiles on their faces as they pulled enormous bubbles up over their bodies or the excitement in their voices when they finally reached the top of the rock climbing wall and yelled "Look Mrs. Anderson! I did it!" I love my little Kindergartener's and it makes me want to cry knowing I have to say goodbye to them in two weeks.
Sometimes: I bow down to my Pinterest temptation and make a yummy new dessert like my beloved Lemonies I shared about in this post. I find comfort in promising I'll only try a bit and put the rest of the little heavenly morsels in the freezer for a later date. 
Always: I lie to myself and end up eating EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM like the fatty that I am. But do I feel guilty? Hell no. I'd do it again tomorrow they're that good! Ha!

Sometimes: I hit the Live Pause button on our DVR while I hurry away to make some snack I don't need, put in a load of laundry, or Skype chat with my Momma.
Always: When I return I (like a twonk) push Live TV  and spend the next 10 minutes swearing like a Banshee as I furiously press the rewind button in order to get back to where I paused it in the first place. Oh, and while I'm rewinding I see the entire show and know exactly how it ends. I do it every time. You think I'd learn...
Sometimes: I seriously CRAVE my American goodies like a pregnant woman craves pickles and ice cream (does that ever really happen? I mean seriously... pickles and ice cream?! Nutella and Oreos sure but pickles and ice cream? That's worse than boogers and snot).
Always: A beautiful family member or friend thinks of me and sends some of my favorite yum yums. This time it was my twinnie Jen (you're an absolute doll!) who snuck some of my favorite Chicken in a Biskit crackers in with the GORGEOUS rosette necklaces my mother-in-law and I had ordered from her Etsy shop The Polka Dot Posie. I feel so blessed to have found such a sweet friend who, although we've never met in person, takes the time to send me my favorite goodies. I'm one lucky girl :)
Sometimes: While riding the train I catch myself instinctively bobbing my head, tapping my foot and lip syncing to the music on my iPod. 
Always: I realize what I'm doing and how ridiculous I look only because I've caught glimpse of some old woman who's watching me out of the corner of her eye. I can always tell by the look on her face she thinks I'm a FREAK who's moments away from going Charlie Sheen on everyone's ass. I'm totally not. Promise. 

Sometimes: Carl tickles me on my tummy and I laugh so hard I can't breathe, my ribs hurt, and I fear I'm seconds away from peeing my pants.
Always: I become alarmingly aware of how goose-like my belly laugh can be and how much his sounds like Johnny Knoxville. Love it.

Sometimes: I tell myself that I'm at the age where perhaps I need to let go of some of my childish obsessions - like Disney movies, cuddling Philippe Mario (my gingerbread teddy bear) and petting my 'tickle' (a hole ridden, satin lined, comfort blanket given to me before I was born from my Aunt Juanita) to sleep.
Always: I realize life is too short and if I wanna fall asleep watching The Little Mermaid as I cuddle Philippe Mario and pet tickle, then I will. In addition to that I'll spend months waiting to receive an email back from Pottermore so I can finally complete my registration and do a long anticipated happy dance around the house.  HECK YEAH!
Sometimes: I stand at the calendar on our fridge counting down the days until Carl and I move back home to Vermont.
Always: I feel a pit in my stomach because I know we'll miss our English home, friends and family so much it's unreal. I hate airports because they always mean saying goodbye to someone I love and I hate that no matter where Carl and I live we'll always be an Ocean away from one of our homes. They say everything happens for a reason, so I guess maybe the Atlantic Ocean is there to prove that we're stronger than we ever thought we could be and teach us to appreciate every minute we spend with loved ones. 


  1. So for starters, I bought all the ingredients to make Lemonies and I am pretty sure I will eat the entire pan too. Twin fatty :-)

    Second, how sweet are you for including me in this post?!! I am so happy you got the package and sending you crackers is the LEAST I can do to say thanks for placing an order all the way over seas. You are a doll and you have been SUCH a great support for our business.

    And finally, I hope you can read my terrible chicken scratch on that card!! I have the worst penmanship ever and I don't notice it until I see the card I send someone. Haha!!! But really honey...thank you so much for being such a great bloggy friend, and hopefully some day soon, an In-Real-Life friend!!! Hope you have a great rest of the week my dear! xoxo

  2. Oh and P.S...just signed up at Pottermore!! HOW did I not remember that you were a huge Harry Potter fan too? Movie marathon when we meet up, okay? Okay :-)

  3. Oh wow, those lemon bars look SO good!! I am the same way...I eat ALL of anything that I make. I really don't feel bad about it either. Haha. I just ate a red velvet cupcake and it was divine. : )

    Thanks for linking up with me!


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