Of course one of my blogging milestones would HAVE to be one about food. It's God's way of saying I'm a food freak and that description pretty much sums me up better than anything else. I'm okay with that though. Food is a beautiful thing and I'd be a very miserable woman without it...okay, that's an understatement...I'd be a dead woman without it. Well, let's just go ahead and lay it all out there... you'd be dead without it too. Anyway, this is getting morbid and I'm pretty sure you've got my point so I'm going to move on. All you need to know is that I.LOVE.FOOD. Especially lemony food. 

So, here I am, composing my 100th POST! (whoooop whooop!) ranting and raving about yet another fantabulous recipe I found on Pinterest. It's something I accidentally stumbled upon and just couldn't get out of my mind. I repinned it, kept aimlessly searching for all kinds of other hidden treasures, but kept clicking on my Oh, What a Sweet Tooth! pinboard to steal a peek at the picture. It was very much the same kind of scenario as when I watch my Bobbi Jo kitty try to ignore her cat nip mouse. She stares at it, clumsily bats at it with her paw (turning her fluffy head away as if to say 'Pffft! I'm not interested in you. Don't waste my time, mouse!') then furiously waves her tail. Over the next 5 minutes she occasionally steals a glance at the perfectly perfumed stuffed rodent, only to quickly look away again and ignore it. That is, until she can no longer resist the temptation, and within a split second she's rolling all over that little ball of fur with a scraggly leather tail like it's nobody's business. Well...I tried to resist that lemony goodness for as long as I could until, like Bobbi with her cat nip mouse, I just couldn't take it any longer. While I can assure you I didn't roll around on the floor caressing lemons, I did, however, furiously click the print button, quickly flip the preheat switch on our oven, and bust out the mixer. I couldn't control myself. I just had to get me some Lemonies
This is a picture of my Lemonies. Seriously, how could you not drool over these?
Now I'm sure there are many of you sitting there with perplexed expressions thinking "What the the hell are Lemonies?" But fear not, I too was in the fog when I first discovered them. Lemonies? It sounds like some weird No More Lemmings concoction. But trust me, it's sooooo so much better. Lemonies are basically lemon brownies, only that bland and boring description does them NO JUSTICE, people! They're not just lemon brownies, they're  more like little morsels of HEAVEN! I'm not exaggerating when I say this is seriously the best homemade lemon dessert I've ever made (which, if you've read this post you'll know is a feat in itself. I'm a lemon addict, people. I'm on the verge of needing lemon rehab. No joke) and they're definitely something I'll be making again. They're so buttery and moist that they're on the verge of a cheesecake consistency. The tangy lemon glaze on the top is divine, and if you're looking to really kick it up a notch (who am I? Emeril Lagasse?) I suggest doing as I did and add some fresh vanilla bean to the glaze. When I took my first bite, a choir of angels sang and I may have fainted. Oh, and if you're on Weight Watchers like me you'll be happy to know that you can still enjoy them. I've worked out the points and if you follow the recipe exactly and - once cooled - cut the pan into 20 pieces, they're 5 WW ProPoints per brownie. Not too shabby and SO SO SO worth it! I may have eaten 3 yesterday and used up 2/3 of my total daily point value...don't judge! 

So, as you sit here drooling, I'm afraid I'm leaving to enjoy a perfectly scrumptious Lemonie and a cuppa tea before tucking up into bed (it's an early night I'm afraid. We took the kids on a field trip today and I'm POOPED!) But before I go, I beg of you to click the link above and give this recipe a go. It's so simple, quick and yummy you'd be mad not to. Especially with summer on it's way these would make for an easily transportable and scrummy addition to any BBQ. You can bet your bottom dollar they're what I'll be bringing! :)

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