Lazy Saturday's

I love days where I can sleep past 6:30am.
I love days where I can take a nice warm, long, relaxing shower.
I love days that allow me the luxury of cuddling on the couch with a cuppa tea catching up on my favorite blogs.
I love days where I have the extra time to go OCD and plastic wallet crazy on my overflowing teaching file.
I love the days that Carl and I go to our favorite Pancake Shop and I get to enjoy a super yummy peach and raspberry crepe.
I love days that I have the time to casually stroll through the grocery store (one of my weird and wonderful favorite past times).
I love the days that I get to visit my Mama and Papa-in-law. 
I love the days that Carl and I get to spoil Mama Lynne with a lovely bouquet of get-well-soon flowers.
I love days where I can wear my special rain boots from Mom and Dad :)
I love days that I get to enjoy watching a hungry little bumble bee buzz around some bluebells. 
I love days where Carl and his Dad prove how undeniably English they are by being completely consumed in football matches.
I love days that Lynne and I can relax and watch Bridget Jones' Diary while nibbling on Scottie Dog shaped Scottish Shortbread.
I love days that I can giggle like a little child at stupid immature things like biting the head off my shortbread Scottie Dog...
I love days when I find out one of my English girlfriends gets engaged! (Congratulations Leanne and Andy! So happy for you both!)
I love days that I'm surrounded by my beautiful Liverpudlian family. Day's that are so enjoyable and relaxed that they pass slowly and care free. 

I love day's like today...
these lovely lazy Saturday's.

Thanks for reading, guys!
Lots of love,love,love


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