It's amazing what a trip to the salon can do

Those of you who regularly follow my blog will already know (after reading this post) that back in December I finally got the guts to cut my hair into a Victoria Beckham inspired bob. Ever since I was 4 years old I've had super long hair. In fact, the shortest I've cut it since I was about 16 years old was this length...
(I love these colors and I fully intend to get my hair highlighted like this again come July)
And while I adored my long hair I knew it was time for a change. I've wanted to sport the trendy graduated bob for about 2 years, but I was just too much of a wimp to actually do it. However, when I finally grew a pair and had my super awesome hairdresser friend, Mel, do the chop, I was TICKLED PINK with the results. I instantly knew that this style was one I wanted to adopt as my own...well for as long as I can until I need to begin growing my hair out again for our big wedding in October 2013. Nevertheless, good intentions aside, teaching life has been super hectic and crazy over the past 3 months and, like a bad egg, I've neglected my new trendy hair-do something awful. Trust me when I say I was no longer sporting a graduated bob...instead I had a mop head with split ends galore. Totally not attractive. 

So, last night during a diet coke and vodka induced discussion, my Mother-in-law and I decided we were long overdue a hair cut, and would attempt to book a last minute appointment with her hair dresser friend in the morning. Luck was clearly on our side, as when we phoned up Louise she was able to squeeze us in to her lovely salon for a bit of beautification fun this afternoon. 

When we got there Louise and her staff were super accommodating (even offering us drinks) and I was immediately sat down. Briefly my hair stylist Andy and I discussed color swatches before I selected a lovely dark red. And in no time at all I was transformed into a painted poodle sitting with my head in some alien machine that sang, beeped and quite possibly danced. 
Meanwhile, on the other side of the salon Mama Lynne was enjoying a trim and girly chat with Louise. Her hair turned out super duper cute (as always) and it was nice that she got to catch up with one of her old hair dressing friends.
When I was finally freed from my alien machine, I was ushered over to the sink where I received one of the nicest head massages EVER (yes, I very nearly drooled and fell asleep). Afterward Andy blow dried my hair, trimmed off the nastiness and went to town with my beloved thinning scissors (pure volume baby, pure volume!!) I am happy to report that I am, once again, sporting a super awesome graduated bob and my hair is reddish, healthy and super shiny. Lovely jubbly.

My (ridiculously HAIRY) photographer may have been a little unprofessional during the hair photo shoot...
Here's a better look at my color. For some reason it doesn't show up in the others too well.
 It's amazing what a trip to the salon can do. I'm loving my hair-do all over again :)

Hoping you've all enjoyed a lovely weekend :)
Thanks for reading, guys!
Lots of love, love, love,


  1. I've already told you this through every other type of media today...but I LOVE your new cut and color. Gorgeous darling...just gorgeous! I have never been brave enough to go that short with my hair but some day I would love to grow a pair :-) Haha! xoxo

  2. I love it! You're just gorgeous! This reminds me that I haven't even had a trim since October... I definitely need to get my split ends taken care of!!!

  3. Your hair and YOU look awesome. I need to go get my hair taken care of baaaddly.

  4. you look gorgeous! I've been so tempted to cut my hair back off...but a ponytail is just so darn convenient! love a good trip to the salon!

  5. So cute! I am wanting a Victoria Beckham bob as well. I am waiting until the fall to get it done though. We have some events coming up that I need my hair long.

  6. I don't care what you say. You're a Princess :)

  7. Can Lynne get me in, I so need it! I actually cut my own Monday!

  8. You're all so sweet - and SO biased! haha xoxoxoxo


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