Friday's Letters

Dear Husband,
I understand you're concerned with your own health, but if you ever refuse to kiss me good morning AND goodnight because I'm "plagued with the lurgy" (aka suffering from a nasty 24 hour tummy bug) I'll have to thump you. I mean seriously, we shared a spoon when eating yoghurt so how you figure you'll not catch it from that but you will from kissing is beyond me. You're a turd and I want my daily kisses back. 
Muchos gracias,
your loving plague-free wife
MWAH xoxo

Dear Mama and Papa-in-law,
Thank you SO MUCH for spoiling me rotten and buying me my dream graduation dress! It arrived in the post this past Tuesday and I LOVE it! I feel like Lucille Ball when it's on and I can't wait to wear it on the day I officially become a teacher! :)
You're the best xoxo
Dear Coldplay,
You're still the best band EVER, I'm still as obsessed with you as always and I'm still counting down the days until I can once again oogle over your amazingness in concert. In just 23 days I'll be seeing ya boys, so keep your eyes peeled. I'll be that crazy obnoxious American girl waving frantically and belting out every last word to every last song in the most vile singing voice ever. I may have also consumed a tiny bit of wine so if I charge you like a rabid buffalo for a cuddle, just stand your ground and cuddle me back. I promise I won't bite...too hard.
It's a date and I can't wait. (I'm also a poet and I didn't know it! Ha!)
Your biggest fan xoxo

Dear number on my bathroom scale,
I love that you're continuing to get smaller and smaller each week. HIGH FIVE! However, from this point on consider yourself warned that if this pattern doesn't continue there will be hell to pay. I wanna be a beach babe come the end of June. So work with me and let's do this thing!

Dear Say Yes to the Dress,
I freakin LOVE you and I love even more that you're finally being aired in England (too bad it's 4 years too late and only 2 months before I move back home...but hey).  Every time I watch one of your episodes I get more and more excited to make one of my dreams come true: the day I step foot inside Kleinfelds for a wedding dress try-on-athon where (for the first time EVER) my Mom, Grandma, best friend and sister will be present. Special memories just waiting to be made. 
I feel like crying happy tears. I so excited. For cereal.

Dear little Jamie,
Thank you for raising your hand to tell me (in the middle of story time) that you don't pick your nose and eat it because that's 'yucky'.  Bravo. Well done. You're a rockstar my boy!
Mrs Anderson

Dear Robin Williams,
I watched Patch Adams again the other night and fell in love with you all over again. You're one of my favorite actors and your cute fuzziness reminds me SO MUCH of a koala bear/my Dad. I wanna hug you. Oh, and I bawled my eyes out (yet again) when you read my all time favorite love poem with my favorite verse:

I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where,

I love you simply, without problems or pride:

I love you in this way

because I don't know any other way of loving

but this, in which there is no I nor you,

so intimate that your hand upon my chest is my hand,

so intimate that when I fall asleep

it is your eyes that close.

The last part of that verse is in my American wedding vows to Carl and it was good for my heart to hear them spoken in such a beautiful way. It filled me with love. If I had some extra gold lying around to cast I'd give you the Golden Amanda Award. But as I don't this measly blog shout out will have to do.

Dear Oreos dipped in Nutella,
STOP TAUNTING ME! Believe me when I tell you that you're oh so good, but you stick to my ass therefore you're an addiction I need to kick. 
I'm sorry.

Dear Weekend,
Welcome! I'm so glad you could make it. Now let's put our feet up and relax :)


  1. That dress is absolutely adorable! Love it!

  2. My boyfriend does the same thing... if he is sick there will be no kissing, what-so ever! Such a tease!

  3. The Prince and I still give kisses when we're sick- it's when he eats meat that I won't kiss his mouth. hehe.

    I love the note to the non-nose-picking boy. Too cute.

  4. Love this! that dress is too cute, I'm sure you'll look adorable in it!

  5. hey girly! i saw you over on ashleys page! {newlyweds} and wanted to say i love your blog!

    lovely letters as well! i'm your newest bloggy friend/follower/stalker ;)

    say hi back sometime? <3

  6. Great post! That dress is adorable! Can I trade you for it? I'll send some Penne Vodka sauce:)

  7. that dress is darling! you are going to look so cute for your graduation! and congrats on dropping pounds! it takes so much hard work--keep it up! Loved all your letters, thanks for linking up with me this week!



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