Sometimes and Always

About a week ago I stumbled across and fell in love with another absolutely adorable blog. I LOVE when I find a new blog to follow. It's seriously on par with buying a new pair of killer heels (is that sad?). Little miss Megan over at Mackey Maddness is as cute as a button and it makes me happy that I've found another person who I share similar interests with and can relate to. Yay! While perusing Megan's blog, I noticed that every Tuesday she hosts an adorable link-up called Sometimes and Always where other bloggers can join in the light hearted fun of contemplating and reflecting on the crazy habits we have. After reading some of the other Sometimes and Always posts, I decided I'd join in the fun this Tuesday (and those in the future) and give it a go! So, without further adieu, I  give you my very first Sometime and Always post! (Sorry I'm 21 behind, Megan! Ha! Story of my life!)
Sometimes: I spend 45 minutes perfectly painting my nails a pretty vibrant color, daydreaming of how their gorgeousness will give me an extra girly boost and rake in the complements.  

Always: The paint chips away within 5 minutes and I'm left with glaringly fugly finger nails. In the end I feel like a scruffbag rather than a girly girl, and spend the entire time I attack my hand with nail polish remover wishing I'd have just gone and got a gel set. 
Sometimes: I leave the house without my hair done or any make-up. 

Always: I bump into someone I haven't seen in donkeys years and convince myself they're thinking "Good God! She's really let herself go!" Or, I end up standing in line next to Scarlett Johansson and Julia Roberts...feeling like Nanny McPhee. 
Sometimes: I get brave and convince myself to try a slice of fresh tomato in my Subway veggie delight sandwich. The logic behind this is usually something along the lines of: Amanda, get a grip and eat a damn tomato! You could drink ketchup by the bucket load, it's one of your favorite soups and you LOVE every other vegetable - aside from brussel sprouts of course . Just try it again, your taste buds have probably changed! 

Always: I find out what I already know: I hate tomatoes, just the same now as I have the previous 24 years. Nevertheless, I force myself to eat an entire slice, then pick the remaining ones off and vow I'll never taint another perfectly good sandwich again.

Sometimes: I leave the pillows just tossed on the bed and the throw blankets unfolded on the couch.

Always: I cave after 5 minutes and arrange the pillows in their perfectly color coordinated rows and drape the completely semetrical blankets over the back of the couch (100% straight, NOT crooked). 
Sometimes: I buy outrageously high heels. In the store I naively coax myself with some crud along the lines of: "you'll totally be able to walk all around town in these bad boys all night! If anything, it'll give your calf muscles a good work out and you'll look bad ass-ish!"

Always: I curse the day I was born, and within an hour have blisters forming the size of Brazil. By the end of the night I'm positive I've caused permanent damage to my feet...yet keep them in my closet and wear them again...

Sometimes: I convince myself that Carl and I don't really need to have our big dream wedding back home where my sister is my maid of honor, I wear a real wedding dress, bubbles follow us down the aisle, we finally have our (first) first dance, a polka-dot wedding cake and a honeymoon.

Always: I snap into reality and realize that I'd regret it for the rest of my life if we didn't. Call me shallow and pig headed, but I need our big dream wedding back home. I need my sister as my maid of honor, I need to wear my perfect wedding dress, I need to have a first dance, I need a polka-dot wedding cake and I certainly need a honeymoon. I've been dreaming of these things since I was 5 years old and I deserve to have them just like everybody else, regardless of how silly it may seem to other people. In having a long distance relationship for 5 of the nearly 10 years we've been together, Carl and I have had to sacrifice a lot and miss out on a lot of special things that other couples take for granted. I don't think our dream wedding day should have to be one of those things.

What are you Sometimes and Always? Link up with us here and share! :)


  1. Oh this is a super cute post, and even more validation that we were separated at birth. The only difference...I love tomatoes. I each them plain like an apple and sprinkle salt on them. I think I just heard you gag. Haha! But my nails are always chipped, my pillows and blankets have to be PERFECT (I even stop back several times to double check) and my feet can't handle heels anymore, but I still try to pretend like that's not true.

    1. We really were separated at birth! I love it! Aside from your GROCUSTING habit of tomato eating...who bites them like an apple you fruit-loop! Haha! xoxo

  2. I really hate when my polish chips!! I've been wanting to try the shellac but haven't gotten around to it yet! I've heard some good things about it though!

    1. I really want to try the shellac too! I know lots of people who have it and swear by it! Think its something I'll be trying in the near future! :)

  3. Love your post! I couldn't agree with your more about regretting the high heels yet keeping them around! Hahaha! ...New follower here from sunny AZ! Found your blog through the link up and I'm loving it! =)

    1. Aw, you're too cute!! Thanks for such a sweet comment! :) xoxo

  4. Everyone seems to be writing about their nails this week! I am the same, I can never manage to keep nail polish looking nice for very long. :(

  5. You are SO SO precious. Thank you for such a sweet little intro!! : ) I am seriously the exact same with tomatoes and heels!! I eat ketchup on nearly everything and yet I want to vomit if I even taste a tiny sliver of tomato. Eeks. Haha. Thanks for linking up with me!!


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