Love, love, love.

I love that feeling when you find something new and exciting to fall in love with. Like when you first hear a new song on the radio that totally floats your boat and you immediately obsess over downloading it as soon as humanly possible so you can sync it onto your iPod and listen to it on repeat for an entire week... unless maybe not everyone goes as ridiculously overboard as that, and I'm just a geek...but for my sake we'll just pretend you all do. Ha! Or that sense of achievement and happiness when you find a great new recipe that made your husband think you're the new and improved Nigella Lawson (My cooking goddess. I'm not gonna lie, she's my girl crush). Or that giddy happiness when you find a new (or 80) awesome DIY pins on Pinterest you just can't wait to try it out. Does anyone else get an overflowing sense of joy and excitement when you look at your bank of pinboards oozing with amazing new things to test out and try? Kind of like you've won the lottery and those pins, in all of their phototastic gloriousness, are YOUR little gems to play around with? It's like a precious, perfectly organized, scrapbook of awesomeness (most of which you'll never actually get to try out because you've not got enough hours in the day, but you keep pinning anyway). Ahem, I'm off track... but yeah, that's the feeling I'm talking about. That same feeling as when you first get engaged and can't stop staring at your bling-bling. I found myself admiring mine most as I drove down the road while it glittered in the sunshine as I turned the steering wheel. How I didn't hit a tree, another car or a cow - I come from Vermont people, there's always an abundance of cows - I'll never know. I was truly a danger to society (who am I kidding, I probably still am). It's the same as when you find a new stunning pair of shoes, or perfume, or a new TV show...that feeling of overwhelming excitement, infatuation, and love love love, is how I feel about blogging.
I know I've technically been doing this since last Octoberish, so this giddy infatuation and excitement really shouldn't be so overwhelming still, but it is. I check my Blogger feed more frequently than I check my Facebook nowadays, and I get so excited when I see the new posts from my new friends around the world. I get equally as excited when I publish one of my posts, filled to the brim with my ramblings about that day. It's amazing that I am able to live thousands and thousands of miles away in jolly ol' England, yet continuously connect with others and share my everyday experiences with friends and family across the pond. It  makes the distance less intrusive. Don't get me wrong, that bloody Atlantic Ocean is definitely still there, still a massive obstacle between my home and I, but this blog makes that easier to deal with. And in many ways, blogging has become therapeutic for me. It's my outlet to vent, rant, share, confide, cry, contemplate, laugh and explore. Not only can I write about my feelings and experiences, but I have the opportunity to read posts by others and relate. It's so comforting to know there are other people who may be in similar circumstances, and in their writing you find solace and consolation. Such a beautiful thing! 
I've always loved writing (hence why my undergraduate degree is a BA in Education studies with English) but I never even considered writing about my life and blogging until my University friend Lauren gave me some encouragement and directed me to the blogging world (Lauren, you popped my blogging cherry! Haha!) I wasn't sure at first if anyone would really want to read my long winded blabs about recipe's I like, what I did that day, or silly childhood stories like the time I ran at mach five into a sliding screen door in front of a living room full of my parents friends (I bent the door, in case you're wondering. Sorry Sue and Allen!) It still astounds me when I talk to friends and family back home and they say "Oh I loved that last post in your blog! It made me laugh!" or when my Sister sends me sweet texts about how she's my "biggest blog fan" and stays up until 1am on a school night reading post after post. I also do a little happy dance with every single follower I get (don't judge!) It makes me so happy and proud to know that people enjoy my writing. It provides me with such a sense of accomplishment and achievement to know that through my blog I, little old Amanda from New Haven Vermont, can make others smile, or laugh, or cry. It encourages me and provides me with that extra bit of drive and determination to make my dream come true of publishing children's books someday. After all, if adults can enjoy my writing, surely kids can too? And who knows, someday I might even attempt to write a book for 'grown ups'...we'll see where life leads me. One step at a time.
But blogging is more than that. It's more than a sense of accomplishment and boot up the bum, it's about making new friends and following their lives too. For example, having taken part in yesterdays Stop and Smell the Roses Vlog Link Up for the first time, I was able to make awesome new friends who live all the way across the world. It's so crazy and so much fun. I love it. Through this blog I've met so many lovely people and I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to, in some way, share in their happiness, joy, pain and sorrow. It's such a special thing, and it's mind boggling to think that not so long ago this whole blogging scene never existed. How can that be? It's kind of like that whole "how did we survive without cell phones?!?" question (seriously, how did we?). Whether it be health issues, DIY projects around the house, a new nail polish, new recipes, wedding planning, love stories, what it's like to be a new Mommy, what it's like to get peed on, how a child threw a fit over not getting Lucky Charms at the grocery store...I just love reading about other peoples lives and their experiences. I also love having the opportunity to offer words of encouragement and support (and occasionally a dorky comment or two). 

And in many ways, I'm super thankful to have embarked on this blogging adventure when I did. In addition to the every day happenings, I can't wait to blog about our big wedding next year, my very first permanent teaching job, pregnancy, giving birth, raising a child, buying a house...those life changing special moments you don't want to forget. I love so much that my blog is, in essence, an online scrapbook of my life. I've even read somewhere that you can have your entire blog printed into a book! Seriously, how amazing would that be?!  Such an awesome keepsake. And what's more, it's wonderful to know that when I'm having Bridezilla moments, freaking out about tea lights and place cards, there are other people who have been through the same thing and can offer support and a much needed reality check. When my feet are swollen, I'm craving pickles and ice cream, and I'm doubting whether I'll be a good Mommy, it's comforting to know there are other women who have gone through the same thing and can offer words of wisdom and encouragement. When I enter the petrifying realms of potty training and the words pee and poop will exit my mouth more than hello and goodbye, I know I'll have potty-training veterans offering tricks of the trade and 'you can do it!'s. I love that and it's so much less frightening to know that in this blog I have extra support and a place of my own to reflect on the crazy adventure that is life.

So thanks, to all of you wonderful people who take time out of your busy schedules to read my blog. I appreciate each and every one of you more than you'll ever know. This blog is so special to me and I'm so thankful for the great friends I've made, the opportunity to have a place of  my own for reflection and babblings, and the mounds of encouragement along the way.

Lots of love, love, love,


  1. love reading your posts...and its comments like the one that you left me yesterday that make us friends across the miles. thanks for the encouragement girl, it warmed my heart!

  2. blogging is an addiction. the worst part is when you get an idea and you are nowhere near a keyboard!

  3. It's like you took the words right out of my mouth sweetie! Such a great post, as always. And it's true...a blog is so many things, but I think the memories you keep and the friends you make are the most important. I am just so happy we stumbled across each other in this big old blog world :-)


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