Just Another Manic Monday

The last couple of days have been eventful, enjoyable, funny, relaxing, sleep deprived, full of laughs, confusing, overwhelming and stressful...in essence they've been everything wrapped all into one. 

I enjoyed a wonderful relaxing weekend at the in-laws with the hubby, which was shortly followed by a rather chaotic, hectic, migraine provoking yet, in some corrupt way, fun first day back to school. I kid you not when I say these children were bouncing off the wall. Now, occasionally it's fun to have craziness surround you...other times it's overwhelming and a detriment to your sanity. I can guarantee you that if by Friday things haven't calmed down I'll be away with the fairies. SERIOUSLY, PEOPLE!  Don't get me wrong, I love teaching and the absolute madness that comes with it has become the norm, but  77 screaming, laughing, coughing, crying, booger-filled, hug crazy Kindergarteners can and will send you absolutely potty if you're not careful. I'm fearful that this week just might be the one where I finally go off the deep end. Especially as my entire 2 weeks of planning (surrounding Jack and the Beanstalk) was postponed last minute by the Head Teacher (Principle to you fellow American's) in order to, for a week, embrace the Reggio Emilia Approach (aka an adaptable learning environment with a curriculum based primarily on the interest of the children. i.e.. The children decide when, how, and what they want to learn about. To find out more about this appraoch, click the link. Definitely worth your time!) In addition to that, the Head and Deputy Head will be going on a 'Learning Walk' through the school mid-week in order to observe the children's investigatory learning skills - i.e. how the children take it upon themselves to find interest in a specific thing, and with support, take it upon themselves to broadening their knowledge through investigation, questioning, contemplation etc. Now while I'm all for the Reggio Emilia Approach and Investigatory Learning (Totally not being sarcastic here. I think it's a wonderful philosophy) it's especially hard, as a student teacher in my last placement with forms and lesson evaluations coming out my ears, to completely TRASH my lesson plans - which literally took hours to do - and 'wing it' as the Head and Deputy Head observe. Oh, and I forgot to mention that while we were on Easter break my classroom was turned into a Giant's room (totally awesome, but such BAD timing!) so on top of the kid's returning to school absolutely full of piss and vinegar after 2 weeks vacation... some are bouncing off the walls and giggling in anticipation of maaaaybe seeing this mysterious Giant who's taken over our classroom, while other's are bawling hysterically afraid he's going to pop out of somewhere and eat them. Lord almighty. To say it's been a long day is an understatement. Nevertheless, I refuse to be defeated. I'm popping some Excedrin and remaining open and optimistic about what the rest of the week holds. I'm excited to see where this whole Giant journey leads us, especially as it's TOTALLY up to the kids. Wish us luck!

As I shut the laptop in order to chug gargantuan amounts of water and bury my head in the couch, I leave you with photos of the past 3 day's events...
Early Saturday Afternoon Carl, Papa Garry and I headed to the pub to watch the Semi-Finals between the two Liverpool football (soccer) teams, Liverpool FC and Everton. The rivalry between these two teams of this city is unbelievable. It's like the Red Sox and Yankees or Steelers and Eagles. The Anderson household supports our Boys in Blue, Everton! Unfortunately we were downright robbed that day, and smelly Liverpool FC went through to the Final against Chelsea.
This photo was clearly taken after we'd scored the first goal, and before Liverpool got lucky. Ha!
After the football match, we excitedly dug our betting slips out of our pockets (this is the first and only thing I bet on so it's super exciting) to witness this year's Grand National. This famous horse race happens every single year at Aintree Racecourse in Liverpool and is one of the most anticipated and unpredictable races of the year. Like the Kentucky Derby to us American's, Liverpudlians get all dolled up in their suits, gowns and fancy hats and (if you've got the extra cash to splash) head to the race course to watch the big race. It genuinely makes me want to cry that I've never got to experience what it's like to go to the races (I've wanted to go all 4 years I've been here, but with flights back home costing an arm and a leg I've never had the extra mulah to attend. SOB). But I make lemons out of lemonade and pick 4  horses to cheer on. This year I chose Seabass and Organisedconfusion because they were the only two  horses with women jockey's (girl power!!) Chicago Grey because of the USA reference, and Shakalakaboomboom because the name made me laugh. Ha
Mama Lynne and I crossed our fingers and hoped our horses would be lucky...
And they're off!
The race was one of the closest in years. In the end, Although Seabass came in 3rd (again I say Girl Power!!) the grey horse on the bottom, Neptune Collonges, won. As you may have noticed, that horse wasn't on mine and Carl's betting slips (or Lynne and Garry's) ...

So, we all decided to drink our sorrows away with a bit of Pina Colata. Ha!
Sunday morning Carl and I went for a nice walk around Formby. I admired how Spring is in the air.
beautiful cherry blossoms

This is one of my favorite houses near Carl's parents. An adorable thatched roof cottage.  I think Snow White lives here.

Sunday night I decided to embark on an Olive Oil and Avocado Hair Treatment as recommended by the beautiful Nina!
In addition to the olive oil and avocados, I read that adding  a TBL of honey to the treatment can make your dry and damaged hair even softer as it offers addition conditioning. Plus, it smells good! 
It looked like baby puked when I mixed it up...
and Alien puke when it was in my hair... (As you can see I couldn't be bothered mushing every single lump of avocado)
But once I washed it out, my hair was SO shiny and super soft.  The hubby approved! (Thanks, Nina! You're a doll!)
The Very Friendly Giant stopped by our  classroom today...
Mrs. Anderson had to have a picture in his chair...Ha! Well, all the kids were doing it...
he left us some of his GIANT Jam sandwich and tub of Jello to eat...
The White Queen sent the Giant an invitation to her Jubilee Picnic on Friday...we opened it and...
sent the Giant a letter asking if we could come to the picnic also! 
Then, before we went home we wrote letters to our Mum's and Dad's telling them what happened in school today...
This was little Noah's letter. For those of you who aren't used to 5 year old writing it says:

To Mum and Dad,
In school there is a big chair and a cheese cake with jelly.

Then Noah beautifully drew a picture of the Giant who is saying "Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum!"
It's adorable little letters like this that melt my heart and make manic Monday's, like today, well worth it. I hope all of you enjoyed a wonderful weekend surrounded by your beautiful family and friends. Only 4 more days until you can do it all again! 

Thanks for reading, guys!
Lots of love, love, love,


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