Friday's Letters

Today, while catching up with some of the posts from my fav bloggers, I found a new unbelievably adorable link-up that tickles my fancy so much I'm joining in the fun too. The wonderful Ashley from Adventures of Newlyweds hosts the 'Friday's Letters' link-up each Friday, where you take a moment to write short snip-it's to those in your life. It's super cute and I loved the way that Brandy did it so much that I just had to give it a go myself. So, without further adieu, I give you my first ever Friday's Letters. May you bask in all of it's glory.

Dear Kindergarten Students,
I totally understand that the world is a vibrant, new, exciting and wonderful place for you to explore... however, next week could you please refrain from throwing sawdust from our 'investigation' box in the air like it's effin confetti? Spending 20 minutes at the end of the day trying to sweep it all back up isn't my idea of fun. In addition to that, I'm sure your mothers don't appreciate you coming home with so much of the stuff in your hair that it looks like you've got the world's worst case of dandruff. 
Thank you, hugs and cuddles,
Mrs. Anderson

Dear Husband,
Thank you for the beautiful flowers you got me on Wednesday. Thank you for doing that stupid (truly horrible) dance tonight in the kitchen as we made dinner together. Thank you for rubbing my back as I fall asleep each night. Thank you for tickling my tummy to the point of me falling off the couch backwards laughing.  Thank you for making me cups of tea. Thank you for watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S. with me every night before bed. Thank you for talking about the missing pieces of a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle in your sleep. (BAHA) Thank you for finally agreeing (even though you haven't) that I love you more and I win. 
Elephant shoes, you're the bestest,
Your Bean Bean xxxx
P.S. If you leave a wet towel on the bed ONE MORE TIME I'll have to thump you. Mwah.

Dear Mom,
Thank you for such a lovely Skype chat this week. As I sat there talking with you (while you told me to lay off my beloved chocolate milk treat and yogurt for breakfast because they'll only make the ridiculous amount of snot in my head worse), it finally dawned on me how I don't just view you as my Mom anymore...you're one of my best friends. I've looked forward to the day we'd reach that kind of a relationship, and now that it's here I feel truly blessed. Thank you for being the best Momma in the whole wide world, I can't wait until I'm back home  so we can enjoy each other's company on a regular basis :) Love you the mostest (times infinity) xoxo

Dear Daddy-O,
I'm sorry your shoulder is still causing you so much pain, every time we talk I wish there was something I could do to help you. I hope your visit with the specialist next week is a success and provides you with a much needed positive outlook for the future. I know it's hard, but try to stay positive. And remember what I said about trying to use this unfortunate injury as a learning curve. Patience, Papa, patience. (See, look, this is what happens when you encourage me to be responsible all throughout my life. You've turned me into a mini you). I love you lots and I miss your hugs that smell like sawdust and Old Spice. Keep smiling, kick butt at your poker games and try not to throttle poor Uncle Frank and Grandpa :) xoxo

Dear Smokers,
Stop blowing your DISGUSTING cigarette smoke in my face on a daily basis. You may want to suck in all of that lung cancer, I however, do not. Stop being so bloody inconsiderate all the time, and for the love of God turn your head away from people like me before you vigorously spew a stream of smoke into other's faces. Consider yourselves warned, because next time one of you do it I'm gonna open a can of whoop ass like you've never seen in your life. That is all.

Dear 4-Month-Long Cold,
I'm going to say this once and for all... Piss off and get out of my life. We're through and it's over. Capisce? Now go. Go and find someone else to harass, because to put it bluntly, I hate you.

Dear Baby Sheester,
I know you're going through a bit of a rough patch right now and you're SO ready to be finished with college. Trust me, I know how that feels. Just try to remember that in 3 weeks you'll be walking down that aisle wearing your cap and a gown - and after that, you're free. It makes me unbelievably sad that I can't be there to 'WHOOP! WHOOP!' you as you collect your diploma on stage, but just know that I'm there in spirit, just like you were at mine last year. I'm so proud of you that I can't even express it with words. Keep that head held high, look forward to the future, and realize that in order to get what you really want in life, you have to bust your ass and be patient. Don't worry, in time that perfect job will come, as will that log cabin you dream of, the wedding and babies. Keep reaching for those goals, I'm here to support you every single step along the way. 
Lots of love, 
Dear Self,
I'm so proud of you for sticking with your diet. You've lost another 4lbs this past week, meaning you've lost 12lbs since the end of this past January. Since you started to make healthy changes back on the 1st of Jan LAST year, you've officially lost 39 lbs!! High five for sticking to that New Years resolution! You go girl! Be proud of the progress you've made! You're less than 10 lbs away from your goal weight. Stick with it, I know you can do it! 


  1. I love your Friday's Letters! It sounds like you and your husband have a lot of fun together :) I hope your cold goes away... four months is way too long!

    1. Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a sweet comment Katie! :)And I totally agree that 4 months is way to long to have this cold! Ha :) xoxo

  2. Such a cute outfit ! I agree with the smokers.. ick ! I wish it were outlawed or only allowed in certain areas.

    1. Thanks, hunny! :)

      I TOTALLY agree with out about smoking being made illegal. It's disgusting and only kills people!


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